Thursday, July 31, 2008

I went pak tor on a hill!!

What a catchy title huh...

I went pak tor on a hill, with a group of friends...hahaha....

What? Can not date a kawan meh?

No? Can Not? WHATEVER...

anyway, I went to Look Out Point with some friends one night.. to see KL... from just a different point of view..

I didn't bring my tripod, in the first place, i got no tripod also.. so, all my pictures are blur..

CONSUME my BLUR pictures!!!
DSC05901 copy

This is like..ultra blur!!
DSC05902 copy

DSC05905 copy

Anyway, KL city is truly a city of lights...
DSC05786 copy

DSC05887 copy

and KLCC looks like a Jagung...
DSC05803 copy

DSC05806 copy

Part 2 is my journey up there until i makan....

Stay Tune..

1 comment:

curryegg said...

wow! Beautiful!
How did you do that? amazing la..
HAha.. with who you go pak tor with oh? lol...

And nice pictures!

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