Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've moved...

I've moved house, not too long ago, and how, I've move my blog too.

I'm going to hweiming.com and its under wordpress..

Why I moved?

Well, a few reason.

Bloggers starting to suck. I get random comments and I can't find out who. And it pisses me off a lot!

secondly, I fell inlove with a theme but can only be on wordpress..so, bye bye blogger, wordpress here i come.

3rdly, this blog is so unorganize, beyond repair and I'm just gonna leave it here..

I'll update this from time to time with my rants and all, but, the main site will still be at hweiming.com

Boo.... See you on the other side...

WARNING: Loading time for first time viewer might take a little time.

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