Saturday, July 5, 2008

Made of Honour Part 3

Haha.. I bet you read a lot on table 41.. last 2 weeks.. but yea, it was just a misunderstanding.. I think..
DSC04891 copy

Anyway, a pre-event group photo...
DSC04879 copy
Thats, Wilsor, Aaron, Sheng Mae, Stanley, Me, Sait Yie, and... Chris.. I think...

DSC05001 copy
And here's, Mr. Macho Man with his bow tie.. Thomas..

DSC05002 copy
Gentlemen, taking picture with, Lady Like..

DSC05003 copy
Hoi.. A must have picture, Me and Kel Li

DSC05004 copy

haha...and the very friendly waiter who had to tolerate all the noise we made...
DSC05006 copy

Alright, that sums up my Made of Honour Post...
DSC04883 copy
Here's a group photo!!!

I love you a friendly kind of way...

Anyway, thanks to all those who took the pictures for me..
and, next will be, Made of Honour from my friends point of view.. :D

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yapthomas said...

why i don't have that picture wan? hmm... see.. so many.. too many photographers liao..

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