Thursday, July 31, 2008

I went pak tor on a hill!!

What a catchy title huh...

I went pak tor on a hill, with a group of friends...hahaha....

What? Can not date a kawan meh?

No? Can Not? WHATEVER...

anyway, I went to Look Out Point with some friends one night.. to see KL... from just a different point of view..

I didn't bring my tripod, in the first place, i got no tripod also.. so, all my pictures are blur..

CONSUME my BLUR pictures!!!
DSC05901 copy

This is like..ultra blur!!
DSC05902 copy

DSC05905 copy

Anyway, KL city is truly a city of lights...
DSC05786 copy

DSC05887 copy

and KLCC looks like a Jagung...
DSC05803 copy

DSC05806 copy

Part 2 is my journey up there until i makan....

Stay Tune..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've moved...

I've moved house, not too long ago, and how, I've move my blog too.

I'm going to and its under wordpress..

Why I moved?

Well, a few reason.

Bloggers starting to suck. I get random comments and I can't find out who. And it pisses me off a lot!

secondly, I fell inlove with a theme but can only be on, bye bye blogger, wordpress here i come.

3rdly, this blog is so unorganize, beyond repair and I'm just gonna leave it here..

I'll update this from time to time with my rants and all, but, the main site will still be at

Boo.... See you on the other side...

WARNING: Loading time for first time viewer might take a little time.

Nuffnang Wild Live Party!! LAST!! I promise!!!

OK la.. i promise..this is the last one... I promise..

2 weeks reading on the same topic.. is not very fun huh.. lol..

this is Sheng Mae....
DSC05691 copy

this is cincau hangus!!
DSC05710 copy

this is M&M...
DSC05711 copy

this is stanley..
DSC05713 copy

this is a mobile user... :D
DSC05717 copy

hahaha... i really dont know what to say..after 5 post on the same thing..
DSC05718 copy

DSC05719 copy

DSC05720 copy

DSC05730 copy

DSC05723 copy

DSC05736 copy

ok.. so..nigel.. how was the party??
DSC05636 copy


Thank god!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Party.. PART 5!!! Where are all the guys??

Ok..Ok.. right after dinner...

I'm like..fully exhausted from the loud music and so on...

So, I and few other friend just sat at the conner.. and just crap talk and take picture..
DSC05651 copy

Uncle Sheon came surprisingly!!
OMG.. and he came as a sperm whale..

Why a sperm whale.. tuhan only know la..haha...
DSC05652 copy

Anyway, i really don't know what els to report on Nuffnang Wild Live Party...
since i was most of the time, sitting at one conner...

So enjoy looking at picture la.. :)
DSC05679 copy

DSC05680 copy

DSC05661 copy

DSC05714 copy

Don't ask me why uncle josh face look green...
but i think it was the baloons...
DSC05721 copy

and..and.. OMG..
anyway..part 6 is next!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Life Party.. Part 4!! OMG!!!

Pam.. Pam... Pam Song...

Why so sad la...

DSC05581 copy

You said of your nice life was taken by me ar?
DSC05604 copy


Come..let me cheer you up...

I show you..the largest tiger bam in the world!!

DSC05584 copy

WTF man.. My grandma would really want it la..hahaha....

Anyway, on the day itself.. While people was busy partying.. I was busy hunting..hahaha...
DSC05605 copy
I shot a bunny and a mouse.. hahaha... and a cat too...
DSC05606 copy

Any, I found a cicak figurine.. and..well.. started playing with toys..the photographer style..
DSC05596 copy

DSC05597 copy

And i love this picture the most! OMG!!!
DSC05598 copy
I was hoping it fall into her mouth...but, well..too bad...

Stanley...stanley... why keeep blogging...
DSC05583 copy
Come join us party le.. :D

anyway.. PART 5 is next!!

Am I pushing it too far??

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a son said to his mum..

Dear Mum,

The house is not big enough for the both of us.

Thank you.

With love and care,
Hwei Ming

Nuffnang Wild Live Party, and Me!!!

I don't want fans.. I want friends!!!


anyway, I took many pictures with my friends...
for starters..
Kel Li (Big sister), Sheng Mae( The Sister to Sheng Li), and....Nigel (Papa Bear!!) hahaha

DSC05585 copy

Curry Egg or I know her as Kelly Tan.. friends from Birthday Bash..
DSC05602 copy

Willsor... Friends from Nokia IAC...
DSC05607 copy

gee... i don't think I wanna have fans la..

To all my, i didn't know fans.. Come right up!! Be my friend, not my fan.. thanks..;)

Out of no where.. Pam ask me to post..Kawaiii post... or.. I know it as..LaLa post..haha...
DSC05620 copy

Then, rock post!!
DSC05621 copy

OMG!! I turning Lala la...

This is like the most lala picture of me.. I look so Ah Beng... OMG...

Who is the photographer ar??
DSC05622 copy

DSC05623 copy

I made new friends that day, and one of them is Johny Ong..
DSC05626 copy

But sadly, I forgot to bring my little blog address note book.. :(
Boo... so, i couldn't collect URLs... :(

Anyway, cam whoring session continues...
DSC05611 copy

Kelly's antenna disturbing me when I smile for the camera.. :p
DSC05601 copy

Anyway, I'm suppose to be beside sheng mae.. but...
I think, the picture looks wonderful like this...
Somehow, this picture.. gives that aura of someone present beside her..haha...

Anyway, if you guys want a picture beside her..but didn't have the chance to do so, just paste your picture beside this picture la..haha...
DSC05577 copy

Anyway, I want to thanks pam and sheng mae.. for helping me with my sticker.. :D
DSC05591 copy

Thanks Sheng Mae...

Anyway.. Part 4 is next...
Have you seen the world biggest tiger bam?

Stay Tune!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God, you're the best!

God is in the Heart.
That is all that matters!

Thank you for your everyday love, without fail.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Life Party, inside... (part2)

After having Naan Cheese and Teh Tarik,
we all ADJOURNED into Modesto...

And start partying!!
DSC05569 copy

actually..more like makan-ning!!

The first thing happened when I step in was, this waiter, offering me oven fresh pizza... Yummy..
DSC05570 copy

and..and... alright..right after enjoying my pizza.. we go pinch gorilla's nipple...
DSC05573 copy
The two guys in the gorilla outfit is actually Andrew and Joe(The gorilla with the tongue pierced)
Funky betul la.. LD

Anyway, walking into Modesto is really like...walking in Africa...
DSC05588 copy

Africa is like.. a safari... there are..animal everywhere!!! OMG!! What an outbreak!!
DSC05599 copy

There..thats Lion King, Boss Stewie with Pam and Sheng Mae
DSC05633 copy

Lion King and guy nuffy? hahaha..
No..its Will and Joshua..
DSC05634 copy

Kelly Tan came too... She came is a butterfly..
DSC05617 copy

We DGMB-ians got ourselves a little spot at one conner of Modesto...
Thank god for that little spot.. If not, I'll be carrying my camera everywhere..

We chuck everything there..and...enjoy the rest of the night..CAM WHORING!! haha... Don't blogger just loves taking pictures?

DSC05640 copy

DSC05587 copy

Pam got so much fans...
Alot of people came up to her and requested for a picture..
DSC05603 copy

Kelly Tan also got..
DSC05582 copy

DSC05610 copy
see.. so many some more...
DSC05609 copy

Where are my fans?? :'(
Why lady bloggers get fans so easy one.. :'(...
I want quit blogging liou... :P
DSC05580 copy

Anyway.. i just continue the day, not doing much actually..
My ear was strain to the max due to the music and the overly loud MC Liang...
DSC05628 copy

DSC05629 copy

hehehe... Kelly's wing was in no shape to face the crowd as the party...
DSC05615 copy

I spotted boss ming coming in.... full of pride.. lol...
DSC05639 copy

Anyway, I shall end this sub post..with a group picture....
DSC05644 copy
Wee... part 3 is next!

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