Friday, July 11, 2008

DGMB get together at AMBP get together..

A few of my friends also got invitations to the gathering.. how lucky... don't feel so lonely there de..haha...


Here a pre-group photo..
Notice the word "pre"..because we are Malaysian, and we are always late hor...
*something has to change people!!*

DSC05047 copy

David Lai was entertaining the crowd with his super power skills!!
DSC05206 copy
And it totally freak the hell out of Kel Li..
DSC05207 copy

Ok, so, here is a complete group photo...
DSC05195 copy
Left till right: Randy, Hwei Ming, David, Kel Li, Stanley, Joshua and Nigel
DSC05221 copy
Look at all the happy faces after the movie...
Everybody wanna be a Hulk now.. so, we all go makan..
DSC05246 copy
I don't think prawn mee will get us to the size of The Hulk.. at's a starters hor..haha..

Thats all for now folk..

Lets all go eat more so we can be more like the hulk..
Lets go.. to Temptation Cafe at renaissance hotel..

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joshuaongys said...

lol i closed my eyes..AGAIN!!

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