Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Party.. PART 5!!! Where are all the guys??

Ok..Ok.. right after dinner...

I'm like..fully exhausted from the loud music and so on...

So, I and few other friend just sat at the conner.. and just crap talk and take picture..
DSC05651 copy

Uncle Sheon came surprisingly!!
OMG.. and he came as a sperm whale..

Why a sperm whale.. tuhan only know la..haha...
DSC05652 copy

Anyway, i really don't know what els to report on Nuffnang Wild Live Party...
since i was most of the time, sitting at one conner...

So enjoy looking at picture la.. :)
DSC05679 copy

DSC05680 copy

DSC05661 copy

DSC05714 copy

Don't ask me why uncle josh face look green...
but i think it was the baloons...
DSC05721 copy

and..and.. OMG..
anyway..part 6 is next!!

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