Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Journey to the begining of my life!!

I remembered my first ever poem recital on stage when I was just 5 years old.
I wasn't the best looking kid in class, I wasn't the neatest kid or the luckiest kid in my entire pre-school institution.

Like all childhood, I remembered being bullied by a really huge girl!
Twice my size if I could remembered.

Wait, someday, when you come over, I'll show you what was I, when I was 5.
*hint: really messy, un-tug in shirt, shoe without socks, un-comb hair, sleepy and sloppy look and..amazingly I have to end this little hint with etc. if not, the list will go on... etc.*

Ok, back to poem recital,
There was I, 5 years old, just 5 minutes before my turn to go on stage, to show the world, I could recite a poem. Holding in my hands was a little card, deep and most probably marinated in soy sauce since I first received it. But thats not the point, for a 5 years old, still having it with you, its YAY!!

So the time is up, to go on stage to recite.
OMG!! where did it went?
I've lost my cue card. GOSH!! Just a second, is it in my pocket? The has to be the there... where? OMG.. what the hell... I just blab it out...

With my un-tug shirt, both pockets coming out since I was desperately finding my cue card and shy... I recite..

"I see the moon,
and the moon see me.
God bless the moon,
and God bless me."


Without a word of thanks, I just gave a 45 degree bow and ran off stage!
Believe it or not, that was the number 1 student in the entire pre-school.

The God must have truly blessed my on that day, and until today, I'm still believe, I'm blessed.

Everyday, is a good day. Everyday is a God given day, rain or shine, it's a good day somehow.

If something happens on a particular day, it only mean that, you've missed the happy moment on the particular day.

It's like, the normal quotation you'll see everywhere,
"Are you sad because roses has torns,
or, are you happy because, torns has roses?"

Nothing is for certain.

And that is why, you guys, my readers, must try the all new digital 3D movie!
Today, I was invited to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth at GSC Mid Valley 3D version.
Yes, you heard me, 3 dimension!!

I have to admit, its truly a new experience, and I say, it's totally worth it.
Though, it's gonna cost you about RM17 for a tickets and a fee to rent the 3D glasses.
A word of advise, don't break or damage the glasses as it's gonna cost you RM200!!

However, RM200 is nothing if you get to see how your friends look like with the glasses on...

Digital 3D is now, only available at GSC Mid Valley, TGV KLCC, and TGV Sunway Pyramid.
It's the first of its kind in Malaysia. It's nothing to compared to IMAX as IMAX is a film 3D.

One thing I really like about this Digital 3D is, there isn't the green and red color appearing while you are watching the movie. It does what it is suppose to do, nothing extra and nothing more.

Malaysia, digital 3D is now in pilot testing. Show your support in it, and maybe one day, all theater will be in 3D!! Right now, to just get a digital 3D projector cost a staggering RM250,000!
Our government ain't doing anything about it, and it's up to the investor to invest! An investor will only invest on what the people want! So people, go watch it in 2D and then 3D and you'll most definitely appreciate digital 3D!!

Boo.. I only get a shirt from shopping today.. My shopping days..continues... :D

Thats all for now guys..
Stay happy and content...

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