Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Party!! LAST!! I promise!!!

OK la.. i promise..this is the last one... I promise..

2 weeks reading on the same topic.. is not very fun huh.. lol..

this is Sheng Mae....
DSC05691 copy

this is cincau hangus!!
DSC05710 copy

this is M&M...
DSC05711 copy

this is stanley..
DSC05713 copy

this is a mobile user... :D
DSC05717 copy

hahaha... i really dont know what to say..after 5 post on the same thing..
DSC05718 copy

DSC05719 copy

DSC05720 copy

DSC05730 copy

DSC05723 copy

DSC05736 copy

ok.. so..nigel.. how was the party??
DSC05636 copy


Thank god!!

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