Monday, July 7, 2008

Water tastes like wine when I'm with you...


I never knew how did I actually got here in the first place,
but, this isn't about me. It's about you.

You, just you.

You are the fire in me, that drives me to my uncharted self.
You are the music in me, that makes me play the piano in the mist of night.

You are my nexus, my gateway, my portal to eternity of love and romance.
Everyday is not a new page nor chapter in a book. Its a new book by itself.
So much so, that one day, only we shall be the only one writing the unwritten.
Exploring the unexplored together.

I believe with you, I could be anything.
and in you I believe, no one can undo our knot.

Wait a minute, what am I still doing here?
Why am I writing this, when I should be spending every minute, every time and thoughts of the day with you.

Why am I procrastinating?
Procrastinating is the rule of the incompetents, that builds monument of nothingness, and those who abbey by it, should perish.

Also, so, I'm not going to wait any longer.
No one more breath shall I spare not breathing the air that you breath.
No one more beat of my heart that it shall beat without you.

I am yours truly, and with those word written here, and as the world as my witness,
I shall stand before you, as your protector,
I shall stand side you as your partner, and,
I shall stand behind you..... for the sack of standing behind you....


alas.... I have you..
and thats all that matters..

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