Monday, July 21, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Life Party, inside... (part2)

After having Naan Cheese and Teh Tarik,
we all ADJOURNED into Modesto...

And start partying!!
DSC05569 copy

actually..more like makan-ning!!

The first thing happened when I step in was, this waiter, offering me oven fresh pizza... Yummy..
DSC05570 copy

and..and... alright..right after enjoying my pizza.. we go pinch gorilla's nipple...
DSC05573 copy
The two guys in the gorilla outfit is actually Andrew and Joe(The gorilla with the tongue pierced)
Funky betul la.. LD

Anyway, walking into Modesto is really like...walking in Africa...
DSC05588 copy

Africa is like.. a safari... there are..animal everywhere!!! OMG!! What an outbreak!!
DSC05599 copy

There..thats Lion King, Boss Stewie with Pam and Sheng Mae
DSC05633 copy

Lion King and guy nuffy? hahaha..
No..its Will and Joshua..
DSC05634 copy

Kelly Tan came too... She came is a butterfly..
DSC05617 copy

We DGMB-ians got ourselves a little spot at one conner of Modesto...
Thank god for that little spot.. If not, I'll be carrying my camera everywhere..

We chuck everything there..and...enjoy the rest of the night..CAM WHORING!! haha... Don't blogger just loves taking pictures?

DSC05640 copy

DSC05587 copy

Pam got so much fans...
Alot of people came up to her and requested for a picture..
DSC05603 copy

Kelly Tan also got..
DSC05582 copy

DSC05610 copy
see.. so many some more...
DSC05609 copy

Where are my fans?? :'(
Why lady bloggers get fans so easy one.. :'(...
I want quit blogging liou... :P
DSC05580 copy

Anyway.. i just continue the day, not doing much actually..
My ear was strain to the max due to the music and the overly loud MC Liang...
DSC05628 copy

DSC05629 copy

hehehe... Kelly's wing was in no shape to face the crowd as the party...
DSC05615 copy

I spotted boss ming coming in.... full of pride.. lol...
DSC05639 copy

Anyway, I shall end this sub post..with a group picture....
DSC05644 copy
Wee... part 3 is next!

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