Sunday, July 8, 2007


Once again... the have never been updated blog of the longest time!!
Me, Hwei Ming.. start blogging again!
So, I went to my school carnival one day..This is my school, Victoria Institution! 2nd oldest school in Malaysia, and am proud to be one of its so called, ''graduates''This is my school clock you can see.. the time is not the same.. lol..
This is VIPB batch of 2007!
The invincible Victoria Institution Cadet Coupe!
The ever green field of VI..
With its super expensive rubber track!
Huge! Wide! open space.. i am still very suprise the field os still there, considering there aren't many empty space left in KL..
Whatever the reason is.. to lazy to type anymore...
Continue to my college class gathering.. the one and only G4 2006!
~We had a gathering over at Sait Yie's house.. Just like a second home to

All the open mouth pose..
shot that doesnt really meets the eye...
Chun shots..

Hairy legs shots..

Girly shots..

and many more...
Praveena (My God) and Me(Hwei Ming)
Uncle Kian Chee and Me(Hwei Ming)

Me(Hwei Ming) and Ruth(Polar bear)

Me(Mr. Poser) and Joyce( Henry's punya)
My sexy darling Prasan (This shot is damn gay...) and Me..(Husband)
Uncle Kian chee and auNty ruth!

Prassan and Joyce!
Me and mr EK guan!
Kae Yi + Hwei Ming = Sexy Sial..........

Hwei Ming( Me ) and Sher Lynn..(Miss RO)

Ruth and Joyce!
Hwei Ming & house Master Sait
since you like sitting's another pic for you!
Shermayne and forget..

The administrater of G4 2006:
Back: Kian Chee( Vice assistance class rep), Prassan(Assistance class rep)
Sitting: Hwei Ming (Class Rep yang tak guna!)

I've got the POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The, almost all the guys!!!!!

Anyway, I would like to take this apportunity to thank Sait Yie espicially for borrowing her house to us.. thank you thank you... all those people who come.. thank you thank you.. and
finally .....
See you guys, next year, same time!!!!!!!!!same place!!!!!!

Next... my uni gathering... Biomedical Science Febuary intake..sort off la..
Firstly........... We almost burn down Yan Min's house!!! SRY!!!!!!!!!!!
Check that out man!! BLACK!!!!
I have to admit..we are biomedical scientist student.. we all got amaze with the burn
For a scientist.. i would say.. we cool well!!!
However... not for the fellow that cook this capsicum!
We all had fun..and thats all that matters!! FUN!!!!!

Well...thats all for now..
God Bless us all!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bored and in dying need of something to happen..

I'm so farking bored. I miss those days, where i could be in library, studying.


Life is so boring, if you have nothing to look forward to.


always before exam, you look forward to holiday,

when you are in a holiday, you look forward to studying.

when you are studying, you look forward to holiday but your exam is nearby,

and when it all seems so close, you are in a holiday again, and can't wait to get started on a new chapter in the book.

I know I sound nerdy, so what? ... :p

I read the newspaper every morning, and the focus was on this mongolian lady, got herself blown up! Bummer... Like so yesterday news... However, things are unfolding, and it was very obvious, she was going to lose the case. (ever wonder how you die before losing?)

What a boring day today, I'm always stuck at home. Sad to say, I've become a permanent construction worker for my new house oppisite my old house.. Bummer^2...

All day long, playing CeresRO, but tonight, server down.. Bummer^3....
I got myself to lvl 163..shoot..there's actually a lvl 254!!

Anyway, i got Dawn of War by WarHammer 40,000...bummer^4....can't use cheat to play..


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