Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My 19th Birthday Celebration with my University Friends

My day started, with a nice feeling Mc Donald breakfast! Yum Mee!! Well, yea, My birthday today... so, before anything els, I want to thank my mum for giving birth to me, thanks my dad for making love to my mum, 9 month and 9 days earlier, my sister Hwei Wan for being my sister for 19 years!, sister Hwei Lin and hwei yen, for always leaving Malaysia on my birthday, Val, Yan Min, Yvonne, Yin Yin, Siew Hwei, Chin Tian, Gian and Josh, for the loving trip down to time square. All the birthday wishing SMS and Email, which i spend all night with my phone..ZzZzZz...
Anyway, those are the picture...

This is the birhday cake, my family gave celebrate with me!
Up: Celebrating my Bithday in Time Square! Girls: Val,Chin Tian, Siew Hwei , Yin Ying, yan Min, Yvonne(The french hat!)

Boys: Me, Josh, Gian!

My University Cake!

Me and Val!(I'm the boy)
Me and Siew Hwei
Josh and Me
Gian and Me
Yin Ying and Me

Yan Min and Me
Chin Tian and Me
Yvonne and Me

Val and Yan Min sitting the KTM train!

Chin tian, Looking good in KTM!
Yan Min, Yin Ying and Val, imposing the poster ar the back of them! Josh, Gian, and Me, not imposing but molesting the poster! Shoot man!
Taking picture in the cinema!
My fantastic meal of Udon and Yin Yong!

One thing about this shop, i got to say, it sell some heck of a nice looking dessert!

like this, green and yellow... Pale pink and red pink!
Val, looking lala!!

Group pic!

Again my cake!

My present! My diamond and Platinum give!! GoldLion belt man!! Fuyoh!!!!!!!!
My complementary ice cream from the shop!

What was left of the ice cream then!

Looking good guys!!

Not good anymore!

Lou Pan on the photo right!

My cake at home!

Wee.... twice celebrate my 19 year old B'day..make me feel like 19+19=38!
Anyway, that was what i could eat!
Thank you guys, for a fantastic 19th Birthday of my life!
Love and Kisses(Eww)...
but yea...
:-) & :-*

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Chemistry has always been an interesting thing, due to its colour of the solution!

I dont know what got into the campaign manager's mind, but... why?? why??

Yin Ying... stress out during physic

Val wishing her nose was shaper!!

I'm just feeling shy..

Hah...caught you in action..tell your mummy...

Anyway, got my hair cut late.. no more the long just came out of jail, Hwei Ming..

Now, its Ah Beng Ming...shoot... looks so Ah Beng la..

Anyway, after Biomed test, i know how important it was to ensure my brains are safe at all time.. thats why, i'm wearing this, wherever i go!!

And this, just makes me look like Mario!!


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