Sunday, August 19, 2007

19 August 2007

Feeling of the week: Anyway, alot of things happen lately, some, I wish I could take back.
First thing, my room is finally leveled. So, no more bi-level room for me.. :(
My house renovation is going on fine...
Well, have physic lab on wednesday, and, discover a whold new thing about sound..
Picture(below), Val pulling Yin Ying ear..

On Friday, after badminton, we all decided to go to Yuen Steam Boat buffet..

Too bad we only had one car to go there, so, there was 5 butts at the back seat!

That day, i conclude with Min Yuen, girls are as heavy too!

Anyway, i didnt take much picture thought...

The messiness says it all@!!

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