Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Absence of my nuts!!

Not 3-4 weeks ago, Dr. Nayak, my HUBS 1403, now HUBS 1404 lecturer have this workshop on ECG(Electric Chain Gun!~!). It was fantastic man.. That day, really knock me off my sit. Student from all over the places came, japanese too!
Well, I'm not going to talk much about it. But, everything went fine, we could see Dr. Nayak love teaching those student, because they were so curious and naive! Well, i guess, being 19 years old just takes away all those, ''I want to know why?? I want to know how??'' Attitudes.
Sometimes i wonder, is it my ego to go find out before asking? Or it is just plain shy to ask a silly question infront of class?
Anyway, I think we should all be more participative in class, and that is a bottom line we can not denied. Hem... Where this time picture comes from??
Anyway, I got my new phone, thanks dad, really needed a new phone from the old one which keeps switching off for the no good reason!
Well, was testing it out in LT4 the other day, picture quality, i rate it 5/10. Quite blur for a 2Mp camera phone.
Anyway, i was going to kick anyone... But, if i were too abuse my strength, i would rather slap...
And, it will be this hand.. and i promise you, it will be.....
HOT & SPICY on your face, and, you'll have a COMPLETE WHOLESOME!!
And, where did this piture come from???????(up)

(Down) anyway, Yesterday, was a scary day for me. I have 1 hour of lecture.. and 1 hour of blood sucking activity... seriously.. BLOOD SUCKING!!
I and Seok Kheng, decided to be a good citizen of Malaysia, and donate our blood, for the profit of others and our country!
Well, for me, it didnt really turn out well, me veins just won't wanna be poke by needle, so this Kakak over here, change from my right arms, to my left one.
Seok Kheng donated blood so many time, (more than 7 times) till she fell asleep donating them!!
Pss.... Seok blood is black man... So Bloody Black!!
Well, I got no comment on mine too!!
Yo..Yo... I lost 450 grams that day!!
Gosh... What a sight to see!!
I bet ya... The dude sitting oppisite of Seok, blood will keep pouring out when he sees this!!
Anyway, yes, we had fun donating our blood. It is the Second time, me and seok donated our blood together!!
(up) well... we almost had a trio, poor Yin Ying couldn't donate her blood!!
Her hemoglobin not enough!! Yin Ying, eat more meat!! and take the folic acid and iron tablet!!

Anyway, after donating our blood.. We urgent to the Web, to do our quizez..
Poor seok kheng was drain out...literary... out of blood! kekeke...

Everyone walk pass, slowed down... and read..and walk away fast..
Ironiclly, by the look on how Seok Sleep.. I bet ya she wont wake up anytime soon!!

Thanks to the photographer, Val Lee Joo Mong!!

All my wonderful friends,
You know who you are!!

And I'm Hwei Ming,
The nut cracker!!

Good Day, and God Bless!!

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