Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Fool Peepz........

I feel guilty.. Seriously I do!!
Well, story begins like this:
On friday, after getting home from badminton, I really almost got into an accident.
There was this Mazda-RX 8 and a Bradus Merz racing on the NPE highway.
The Mazda-RX 8 was infront of the Bradus, preventing the Bradus from over-taking him.
What happen eventually, the Honda (Me), was in the middle of the race, and, yea, with their roaring engine being combusted beside my car, really makes my 2.0Liter engine feels like a 0.66Liter Kancil engine!
So, i was online that night, talking VAL, and eventually, added Yvonne, Seok Kheng, Yuen Mun and on Saturday, Silas.
We that night, the on saturday, it is the day where the news will spread.
Val was suppose to put it up in Biomed Forum.
Seok Kheng was suppose to put it up in Biomed Blog.
Yvonne was suppose to yea, convince people it happen.
Yuen Mun was suppose to spread the world to Erica and few other peepz.
And I was suppose to spam the chatter box with it.
And Silas, well, i just feel bad, so i let him know.
At least now, we have connectiont to all the classes. :p
What the story?
well, it goes with this message..
Hello Guys,
(VAL) here..
This news came to me today from Hwei Ming¡¦s sister Hwei Wan while I tried to contact him on MSN yesterday.
Apparently, Hwei Ming, our beloved class rep had met an accident on his way back from University.
Hwei Ming is currently in Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre in ICU ward.
I don¡¦t know what is his condition now, but, Hwei Ming¡¦s sister told me that he was unconscious.
I really hope everyone would pray for him to have a speedy recovery.
The class wouldn¡¦t be the same anymore without him.
Also, let us wish Hwei Ming to have a speedy recovery by sending him a message at his mobile so when he wakes up, at least he would be happy to know that we are there, caring for him while we as unconscious.
I am planning to have a gathering to go visit him on Tuesday after the Biotech Competition.
Eveyone who wishes to come, please sent me a message.P.S. Don¡¦t forget to sent him a get well message.
And, Spread the News!
Hwei Ming 0123216297
Val - 0173767477

That was the story!
Well, let me tell you story behind the sense!!
1) Reason why Hwei Ming ended up in the hospital is because, nobody wants to go to the hospital.
2) Yvonne had a sudden attack of goodness.
3) I was thinking what will Yin Ying be doing, because she was the last person I talk to in Uni.
4) I too had a suddent attack of goodness.
5) I was more worried about Yan Min and Kimberlyn5) I think this plan got back fired!
Outcome of the this event!
1) There was a boost in Biomed forums and BMS blog activity!
2) Hwei Ming loves you guys more!!
3) Hwei Ming loves loves you guys even more!!
4) Hwei Ming knows you guys love him too!!
Personal Message:
I, Hwei Ming, personally take all responsibility of this Event. Well, even though I subject myself to all the cause and effect of this event, nevertheless, Yuen Mun, Yvonne, Seok Kheng, Val and Silas are not to be forgotten for the contribution that they have contribute. I take this apportunity thank them. Thank you guys.
Personally, I was amaze how the you guys get around with news like these. I am truly greatful to know that I have a friend like you! I know it is a day before April Fool well, even that didnt exactly manage to convince all of you guys that I am in Hospital!
What I am really also amaze was, how you guys get around and started to use the Biomed forum and BMS blog!
I would say, good job! and Keep it up! And dont hate me for it!! :)
I am truly sorry if I ever did put your lives in sadness and missery. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.
And I promise that this event was on only because of April's Fool.
This kind of things will never happen anymore and that, you have my sworn words.
So, the next time these kind of stuff occurs, please, do panic!
I take this apportunity to also say sorry to a few peepz..
I am sorry Kimberlyn!(Plz dont go to the hospital!)
I am sorry Yau Suen!
I am sorry Rabby!
I am sorry Erica!
I am sorry Kok Loong!(Your Message was really sweet!!)
I am sorry Siew Hwei!
I am sorry Kavita!
I am sorry Gian!
I am sorry Josh!
I am sorry Yan Min!
I am sorry Prassan!
I am very sorry to everyone!!
And the most unexpected!!
I am very very sorry Rakish!
*Well, I am not LoA (Lack of Attention)..
Well, final thanks to those who chip in help.
Actually, the prank was bocor de...
For those of you who got prank!
April Fool!!
~Hwei Ming
God Bless

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Taiwan Sausage Mania!

There is this Taiwan Sausage Shop, just under the stairs, which is well known for its Xtra spicy Taiwan Sausage!

Seok Kheng taking a bite out of the xtra spicy sausage!
Seok Kheng showing a peace sign...
And, before you know it, there was an ice cream in her mouth!

Morni trying to take a bite out of it!!This was Val before eating the Sausage!This was Val while eating the sausage... This was Val after eating the sausage..

Don't you agree, she seems to more like fallen inlove with it!!

Watch this video i recorded!!

Bless you VAL!!

~God Bless

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random Pic of Biomed/Tech class!

Only god knows why did seok kheng slept like this!
Only God knows why morni slept like this.
Only god knows why did Val felt so nervous!
Only God knows who to trust and who not to trust!
(How we did our online quiz!)

Only Hwei Ming knows how to get fired from ProtLab!!

~God Bless us all!!

Room 1.2 in TUCSJ

If you actually take the time, and visit Room 1.2 in TUC main campus, You find these:
Some poster of a dude with bulu kaki and breast!!
And a giganto sperm!!

Now, who said Biomedical Scientist was Boring?
~God Bless the creator!

The Horrific Jam of Federal Highway

It was dated 26 March 2007, Monday...(Story Begins..)
Well, it was on monday afternoon, about 4p.m. like that, i started my journey home from University.
That day, I was feeling rather, ECONOMICAL!
So, instead of using Kesas or NPE, i surf my car to the left side of Subang, towards Federal Highway!!
I was a freakishly long Q, on the Motorola Bridge itself!
And to make matter worst, I was living near Cheras!! And the Jam was till Cheras!It was a torturous 2 hours jorney and Q.
As you can see, My hand breks are up, gear on neutral, and speedo meter, 0km/h
What really amaze me was, how Malaysian curb with this kind of situation!
I saw this van, driving with its passanger door opens, and sometimes, the passanger comes out of it to stretch!I was also wondering, how on earth did all the manual driver going to feel..
The entire 2 hour journey, i was wondering how bad can the stall lorry be ahead of the road which cause the terrible jam to where i am..
And, this is wert i saw..

A lorry, that was not in the way of any vehicle, not blocking a single soul, and cause me 2 freaking hour!

~God Bless Malaysian for being on-lookers..

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Red Ribbon

Everyone knows what the red ribbon is for right?
This is wert i found while searching for a protein in the protein data bank!
*it seems we have always been carrying red ribbon along with us, in our body, without knowing it!

Protein 1YN2

~God Bless

Malaysia going to Nowhere!

This post was taken down by the advise of my friends and family. Clearly shows that, freedom of speech is not practise in my country!

Sorry to sparkle any controversial though.
But, I dont care!

Anyway, God Bless our nation!

Thank to those reader who boost up my visit to 82 visits! It was record breaking!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cows burps contributes to GH effects!

While having dinner today, my sis brought up this new world updates from the STAR about some scientist in berlin that has develop a pill to stop Cows from burping!!

And the reason why?

Apparently, cows burps contribute up to 4% of the total green house gasses emision in the world!And so, i wondered, where will the gase in the cow go to if it can not come out as burp? Fart? kekeke.. and, if the cow fart, dont you think the point of stoping the cow from burping is just nonsense?
How about human then? do we need pills too?
Well, for now, I pity the cow!!

Don't you?

Just imagine if i were to stop you from burping! and maybe in the future stop you from farting!

To hard to imagine! kekeke

Hwei Ming

~God Bless the Cows!~

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Class Badminton Day

After days of being bug to go badminton, i finally took this day, today, to go play badminton with a few of my classmates.. Everything was fine, until Gain came along, and made me fun around the court like some mad man. Hitting hard and soft all the time, making me run fore and back. But, it was really fun!
You'll know it when we are playing it!! :P
Well, here's the face of exhaustion and happiness at the same time!!
Here, you have the worst case of exhaustion!!*Notice the amount of sweat!*
Looking at it, can make me sweat too!! :p
anyway, come guys, let all go badminton and burn some ATP and fats along the way!
Ask Gian or Min Yuan or Me for more info about it!
~God Bless

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Notta Good Boy anymore!!

In a perfect world, we would never need to apologize.
We would never speak of thoughtless words, or let each other down or break each other's hearts.
Love would conquer all, and happy eandings would be a dime a dozen.
But, this isn't a perfect world, and sometimes people learn things the hard way.
We do things we can't take back, no matter how hard we try.
I am sorry for causing you so much pain, for giving you a reason to doubt how much I care.
I am sorry, with all my heart.
I'm sorry....
I know I've been bad recently..
Hwei Ming
God Bless

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've never use such thing before in my life...
Thanks Hwei Wan..
~Love you for it..kekeke...
~God Bless

1 Million and 1 ways to sleep in LT4!

For startes, you can always hug your leg before going to bed..This here, is the most comman way to sleep in LT4..Just lay back, close your eyes, and hope no flies fly into your mouth!!Second, The "sleep face down method"..Just position your face right onto the mini table, with arms acting like a pillow, you can put a baby to sleep!!And if, you got an annoying camera flashing lights at you, it is always a good idea to cover yourself with hood.. Well, it also a very good idea to have a friends shoulder.. but, let it be the same sex..:pIf got no shoulder, no worries, use the table!!

The gangster post!!

The not so gangster but painful post..
If you need to stretch, no worries..theres the big table..

But, the mother of all post.. is this!!!(Dun know wert you call it!!)

Well, if you are being annoyed alot by camera while you are sleeping.......
Just show them the finger... like wert yin ying does!!
*thanks for the fanstatic picture guys..
~God Bless

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