Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Class Badminton Day

After days of being bug to go badminton, i finally took this day, today, to go play badminton with a few of my classmates.. Everything was fine, until Gain came along, and made me fun around the court like some mad man. Hitting hard and soft all the time, making me run fore and back. But, it was really fun!
You'll know it when we are playing it!! :P
Well, here's the face of exhaustion and happiness at the same time!!
Here, you have the worst case of exhaustion!!*Notice the amount of sweat!*
Looking at it, can make me sweat too!! :p
anyway, come guys, let all go badminton and burn some ATP and fats along the way!
Ask Gian or Min Yuan or Me for more info about it!
~God Bless

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