Sunday, March 4, 2007

Victoria Institution Sports Day 2007

I remember the days, i walk through this corridor of my old school, Victoria Institution, feeling really proud to be a student in a school full of tradition and heritage.

Every morning of 2005, i would walk through this corridor, where on the left, was the faces of sucessful ex-victorians. I have always wondered, will i ever be one of them. Being an inspiration to the younger generations? I have alway remembered walking alone this corridor, breathing the freshest air i could possibly get in KL. Walking the coolest area in KL.
I kid you not, VI is one of the coolest place you can get around KL. We dont have air cons, but we have trees and large empty spaces to keep cool...
I also remember the days when i use to seat down on the floor of this great hall of VI.
I've heard many people talk in the hall in VI. Ranging from the great Mahatir till just an ordinary victorian. Everything that was spoken was inspiring.
Victoria Insitution Military Corp
The amazing and unbeatable Victoria Institution Cadet Corp (VI band)
Victoria Institution very own Bag Pippers. Victoria Institution Prefect's Board (VIPB) 2005From the left: Syamir, Me, Keen Wai, Anas
From Left: Syamir, Suga,me, Ilyia,Keen Wai, Anas
Left:Wei Lun, Hwei Ming, Tatt Jhong

We, doing out stirct prefect face!!

I would like to thanks all this VI friends of mine, that make me VI experince a truly memorable one. I would like to thanks VIPB and VEB that really truly make me who i am today.

Thank you abang ash for showing the way of the blues.

To Ilyia(School Captain 2007) all the best in you and your duties. I wish you have a great 2007 batch.
To all the TP 2007, plz, lift up the school spirits and what you think is right for the school!

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Kaaven said...

Good day,
Hi, I am kaaven, Victorian 11-15 and VIPB as well, I was just wondering, is it allowed to take pictures of the ever guarded prefects room and post it on the Internet? Thanks
With regards,
Kaaven Raj Manoharan
Victoria Institution.

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