Friday, March 2, 2007

My Chinese New Year 2007

The day was full of things to do.. clean the house..set up the altar..
This cloth(dont know what is it called) has been use every chinese new year since the day i was born and realize it was there.. (sentimental value)!!(priceless)
Those are the stuff you pray to god la.. don't know what is it called la..
This year, pray to the south!!I went back malacca the very next 2 day.. and somehow, i realize that, malacca had change!!
I think it is because, their sign boards look more like an advertisment board now!!
Take a look if you dont trust me!!

(Tian ting) that is what my mum calls it.. I just think this is unique, there isnt a house i know in this world has one like mine.. :p
(Below) a shocking picture of me.. wanna know why?

How many time in your life have you come across 2 rainbow in a single eye sight?

Pai Tee Kong(Below)

Me and my sister(Hwei Wan)

*Posing for god!!*

Well, basically, my 2 weeks holidays, i have archive alot.(do math, do PBL, do lab report, getting a life, spam BIOMED forum, hanging out with my buddies yinying,gian,kok loong,chin tian,Val,yan min, seok kheng, iylia, tatt jhong, and finally Keen Wai.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish all my relative, distance or close, my friends from pasar road to VI to my SAM class to my new batchmates, my GF and my ex-GFsss :p(keke..joking la)

To all the old and sick people, i wish you stil have a good life and may this year brings you a much more memorable and pleasant life.

I wish all of my friends, Happy Chinese new Year and finally,

~God Bless

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