Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Race

As a biomedical science student, and having seniors, it is no doubt that me (junior) is
subjected to eternal torture(orientation)!

The day was 7th February..Race day!!
After Chem Lecture, we all proceed to our own destination!
Me, Henry , Sylass, Kimberlyn, Ying Fei, and (To be updated soon!) when to AC to makan!
Not knowing what lies ahead of us, someone of us refuse to eat!!(A decision i think, if i neglect, i would not be alive to add this post)

There were red, yellow, orange, purple, green and blue group where one group has about 6-9 people.I was in the Yellow group! And yes.. being the only guy in the group, i was made group leader with no argument at all.
It seems that, there aren't anymore democratic society in this world anymore(Joking!!).
Its okie, i don't know mind... But, being the leader with 8 other girls?...GIRLS?? (you know i don't work well with girls!!)

Well, at 10am, everyone in the biomedical science student assemble at the parking lot in Taylor's.
After having my shirt soak in what seems to the onions and orange water(smelly...really smelly...), each group member was given an egg to be taken care off and a clue to the next check point.

Our First Clue(1st Check point)
Red,Blue,Green and Purple.
One of this is the odd one.
*something**something*..sweet tooth.
******.. makes best cake and pastries.

Hwei Ming says: I think it is in bakers cottage la..(WRONG!!)

Knowing that there are over 5 bakery in SS15, I took my group to Bakers Cottage.. and there was nothing there.. BLANK!!
After that, *CHEAT*...*can not tell!!*
We start walking over to Secret Recipe..
God knows what was on my mind, i had this very bad feeling that i left something.. what the heck is it?
*It was a little yellow card, 7x5 cm wide, Marshall card where we have to collect all the signature*
My fucking god.. where the hell is it??
I ran back to Taylor's, following every trail i walk pass(waste of time).. and found it in the middle of the road with all the tire marks on it!!

Tired and exhausted after searching all the area, i went back to my group, which was waiting for me at Secret Recipe already! On the way there, hahaha.. believe it or not, i see Henry's face covered in flour begging for water.. :)
*phew* found it!! gave the card to the Marshall, and there, our first task for the first checkpoints begin.

Task for the first Checkpoint
we have to eat half a water Mellon in 20sec!!
*What the fuck!!* being the only guy and 8 other my knowledge, girl's don't eat much!(expect Sait Yie!!)
I don't really know who ate the water melon in my group, but, i would say, thank you for not hesitating in helping!! I'm proud of you guys!!
after failing to finish the water melon(including me!!.. :p )
we had to retrieve the word T.A.Y.L.O.R.S from a bucket filled with corn starch, green colouring and flour!
Somehow, father luck wasn't at my side, everyone slip of paper that i retrieve in the SLIM was written WRONG!!!

After much luck testing, eye testing, and luck testing again, we finally arrange the word TAYLOR'S in order and earn our clue!

We took off to success(the restaurant) immediately! as the clue was so so related to success!
so, from Secret recipe, we hike our way to Success..
and when i was around peppercorn, i had this same feeling that i forgot something..what heck is it??

FUCK for the second time!! it was the bloody yellow paper again!!
I started running back to Secret Recipe again and back to success. To be honest, my legs felt like it was coming off!!

In success, we were suppose to pick up an item and give it to the Marshall..
We took the paper..for god knows what the heck reason, we took the paper..

Suddenly,"Give me 10 valid user of the item that you just pick out and after that make out a song for the item!"
Origami, Table Stub, tissue(eww...), calk holder, oil blotter(super ew...), straw(???),blah blah...

After that, we sang a song..(not talking about)

Then, after that, we got our well deserve 3rd checkpoint clue.
1 thing for sure, i should just have ate the chili padi, and got the answer instead of cracking brain trying to get the location!!
It was over the ADP playground near Sait Yie's Area.

We all when over there, and we was what we had never expected!! GREEN team..

Believe it not, with all that *leaving things behind* event, we were early!!! (wau!!)

Task for Checkpoint3
Remove the apple from the bucket filled with water with only your mouth.
Take the stick after that, turn 10 round and run over the a plate filled with flour and remove the chili with your mouth!

Simple..but quite hard if you got sharp senses!!(spinning part)

And, believe it or not!! We score 100/100 for it!! We finish way early compared to the earlier groups!!


Got our next clue location (market)
when there, played hockey..with balloons.. quite fun.. but.. not fun with the entire market people staring at us!!

Got our next Clue(TBS)

When there, took picture..because we are so lar early, we had time to chill!!!
At this station, we had to remove 45 sweets from basin of flour!!
What the fuck.. flour again!!
ok...well.. we did it in a nick of time!! finish it..and begone with the flour!!
I had flour in my mouth(freaking dried!!) nose, ears, hair, shirt and eye!!
I have flour for my tahi hidung. Flour for my Tahi mata!! haha...

Gotten our next clue, Taylor's College!!
Just right behind the cafeteria, we our next task.
Remove 20 choc chips from a plate of flour! ( fucking hell...flour again!!)
this was no ordinary flour.. it was the freaking MURUKU flour!( it is seriously bitter!! )

After the task, we found out that we were freaking 1/2 hours earlier!~
yay!! we can win this!! That was what i tot!!

Sadly, we were put on whole!
We all sat at the Cafeteria, smelly, hungry, tired, and bored.. and to top it up, the entire cafeteria people was looking at us.

Green light was up, and GO!!! RUN!! RUN!! RUN!! RUN to My place!!!
Sadly.. when we have arrive, the red team was already there.. And heck they look like they are there for ages already..


its ok.. Second Ain't that bad.. :)

What really surprise me this time was, heck, i'm one guy and there are 8 girls in my team. 8 excuses maker! 8 not so physically fit people(compared to a guy)!
and we wasn't the last!! not to mention that we wasted heck lots of time with the freaking yellow paper!! ain't that bad!!

1st Red
2nd Yellow
3rd Orange
4th Purple
5th Green
6th Blue

After the 3.5 hour race, we took of to the cafeteria for food!!

the end..

I want to thank my group mate, for going through this as a group!
Thank you for keeping up the pace and not breaking down in the middle of the journey!
You guys are great and to me, you guys are in the first place (I still think red cheated!!) :)
Orange team! thank you guys for the *ahem* tips.. which, indirectly helped us alot!!
Thanks henry and silas!! Love ya all alot!!
Green team, i never knew you guys wouldn't be the last team.. and i say i'm sorry to think it that way..
but, yea.. thanks for the brief chat when we cross path.. it really takes my mind of tiredness..
thank you all people who helped me and my group out!

Thank you!!


Things that i heard along the way..

"Why are all the girls chasing over 1 guy???" (kekeke)
"hip hip horray!!"
"I'm damn tired!!"
"Water plz!!"
"so fast together de arr?"

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