Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Horrific Jam of Federal Highway

It was dated 26 March 2007, Monday...(Story Begins..)
Well, it was on monday afternoon, about 4p.m. like that, i started my journey home from University.
That day, I was feeling rather, ECONOMICAL!
So, instead of using Kesas or NPE, i surf my car to the left side of Subang, towards Federal Highway!!
I was a freakishly long Q, on the Motorola Bridge itself!
And to make matter worst, I was living near Cheras!! And the Jam was till Cheras!It was a torturous 2 hours jorney and Q.
As you can see, My hand breks are up, gear on neutral, and speedo meter, 0km/h
What really amaze me was, how Malaysian curb with this kind of situation!
I saw this van, driving with its passanger door opens, and sometimes, the passanger comes out of it to stretch!I was also wondering, how on earth did all the manual driver going to feel..
The entire 2 hour journey, i was wondering how bad can the stall lorry be ahead of the road which cause the terrible jam to where i am..
And, this is wert i saw..

A lorry, that was not in the way of any vehicle, not blocking a single soul, and cause me 2 freaking hour!

~God Bless Malaysian for being on-lookers..


- viez - said...

typical malaysians... what more can you expect?!

=Mun= said...

I was stuck there that day too. By the way, I didn't know you live near cheras. Where you staying?

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