Tuesday, March 20, 2007

1 Million and 1 ways to sleep in LT4!

For startes, you can always hug your leg before going to bed..This here, is the most comman way to sleep in LT4..Just lay back, close your eyes, and hope no flies fly into your mouth!!Second, The "sleep face down method"..Just position your face right onto the mini table, with arms acting like a pillow, you can put a baby to sleep!!And if, you got an annoying camera flashing lights at you, it is always a good idea to cover yourself with hood.. Well, it also a very good idea to have a friends shoulder.. but, let it be the same sex..:pIf got no shoulder, no worries, use the table!!

The gangster post!!

The not so gangster but painful post..
If you need to stretch, no worries..theres the big table..

But, the mother of all post.. is this!!!(Dun know wert you call it!!)

Well, if you are being annoyed alot by camera while you are sleeping.......
Just show them the finger... like wert yin ying does!!
*thanks for the fanstatic picture guys..
~God Bless

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