Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Phrase of the month!

"It is because of girls like you, that made guys like me, don't want to get married!!"(Hwei Ming, March2007)

"Hwei Ming, the ketua bomb class rep!"(Yvonne,Febuary2007)

"Guys!!! Do not KUTUK people or els you will not get married."(Val, March2007)

"Man have brains and nuts. But not enough blood for both of them. One minute they say they don't want sex, and the other, they are already doing it."(Robie William,2007)

"Prassan is hensem....hahahah....hwei ming jgn marah....hohohohoho"(Prassan,2007)

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize my phone was switch off. Well, don't bother calling or messaging it. It is still off!"(Hwei Ming, Febuary2007)

I found it Prassan!!! hehehe...finally..

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