Sunday, March 18, 2007

BioMed Class 2nd Gathering

Firstly, I would like to wish Kok Loong, our classmate in Biomed/Tech class, Happy Birthday!~!
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to Kok Loong....
Happy Birthday to you~~.
The day started, at 1u. Val, Yin Ying, Gian, Gaby,Yvonne, Seok Kheng. Abang Hezrie,Kok Loong, and me, soon join by Yan Min and Yuen Mun.. We ate Nandos, since Seok Kheng had never ate it before, and it was economical!! Half way to Nandos, we all decided to buck some dude to take a group photo of us..kekeke..Thanks dude..whoever you are..

Well, seeing the play ground, you know me, I just have to give it a try, and, yea, we took a candid shot of my butt stuck on the slide, when Seok Kheng is trying to aim my *ahem*, and Kok Loong doing the LaLa Post!! kekeke...Hey Look, Gaby is pickking her nose..and the two guy at the back is someone we dun know..:P
*Cheap Fame!!*

We went to Wong Kok, because, if it was your birthday, you'll get a giagento glass of drink, on the house!!
It was so big, that Kok Loong could even give it a hug! *Notice how happy is he!!*
It was so big, that you can see Yvonne behind it!!(sorry Yvonne!!) :P
Candid: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Say no Evil..Candid: Hear and say no evil, while doing the LaLa post!!Candid:The girls, doing the smoking(straw) post!! Notice how Gaby hair swings into place.. It could have been picture perfect, if only her eyes was looking straight!! :P

Well, wert was the most respected event was, our Very Own, Abang Hezrie in Wong Kok!!
kekeke...also, our very Spartan KING!!!
All Hail King Hezrie!! *while he puts order with his all mighty spoon!!*
Candid: Me acting Gay with Kok Loong.. Yin Ying, you want to join also can..kekeke..Kok Loong cutting the cake....THE SPARTAN WAY!!

Well, After making Kok Loong drink up all the Teh Tarik in the GiGento Glass...

Making his drink it down all at once!! Till he gets his brains freeze!!

Smashing his face into the cake...

Making him *wee wee* alot..and taking his picture... He is the Happiest dude in this world!! Because he has the cariest friends like us!!
We Love you Kok Loong..Stay Cool.. And happy always.
Happy Birthday.. Do kenakan me for my Birthday!! :P

1) Everyone was infected by THE WAY OF THE SPARTAN!!
2)Everyone goes home happy
3) Races don't matter as we are all United as ONE with the comment understanding of Unity.
4) Kok Loong wont forget us forever...
5) Kok Loong Turns 19!!

Once again, Happy Birthday Kok Loong.

~God Bless


- viez - said...

haha! everybody thinks that they're a spartan these days... haiz...

KwazEe V3e said...

hhehehe dat was fun!! =)

Choo Hwei Ming said... was..

=Mun= said...

Kok Loong has the same name as my boyfriend =.=

Choo Hwei Ming said...

wa...hahahha... power..must tell kok loong tomorrow..kekeke...

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