Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What does biomed scientist do, during our free time!!

Ever wonder wert we do?? Make snow ball...kekeke..
And throw it into the dessert...
Where is the dessert you say?? Kekeke.. in Taylor's University College SAM Dessert(so called Garden!!)

For those who had a rough night, they'll go to sleep!!
For others, we play around with chemical!!
Minority, they'll just stare at the sample, waiting for a result..
But, she... she will stare into the ice making machine!!(only she)...kekeke
Sry Seok Kheng, really funny.. need to take photo..kekeke

Some would go to the work...

It seems la.........hahahaNO COMMENT@@!!
Hwei Ming
~God Bless

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