Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post out of Boredom!

Biomedical Science 2007
From left to right: Hwei Ming, Kok Loong, Min Yuan, Gian, Josh, Yan Min, Siew Hwei, Yin Ying, Yvonne, Val and Chin Tian.
I would say, it is over, we all have our own direction to persue, so, if we all have a chance, please, do meet up.
You guys have been a great classmate to me, pushing me to the limit to study..
I'm sorry for those of you who aren't in the picture.
I've tried countless of time, to rally everyone up, but, always failed.
I'm truly sorry..


Left to right: Silas, Henry, Kien Seng, Cheng Haw, Yin Fei

You guys are really noisy at times, but I would certainly say, the class will be real dead bored without you people!

Good Luck in Adelaide!

Min Yuan's BBQ party

We had so much food at the BBQ, we just ran out of space in your tummy!

A special thanks to Min Yuan and Family for hosting this owessom party!
And off course, Min Yuan little brother for the cute deco!
and, people who attended it..
The one thing, that i'll sure miss is, Min Yuan gigantic fish pond!

Physic Frenzy!!

To be honest, uptill this day, I still got no idea how to solve this!

Sorry Mr. Poova

Kok Loong

He is smaller then we think he is!

I think, one of the biggest event that I'll be missing in my years in Biomedical Science with my unimates, is badminton. I miss jump here and there, screaming and shouting, dodging stuttlecock from hitting my private part... and so on...

Anyway, some of you guys wanted to know what is it like in Nepal, well, I've find some picture, and here it is...


Nepal is a nation, at the himalayas, so, expect lots of moutain!

But, the on thing about this place, is that, you can really see the end of the horizon, where the sun touches the mountain.

And, by now, you can already see the star shinning on top of you!
That night, I spend a great deal of time outside, and I saw 2 shooting stars!
I made 2 wishes, only one came true!
It is truly a priceless experience, and I wouldn't mind being the Lotus Eater and spend my dear life, living in the Himalayas!

Morning dew is a definate,

Morning mist is undefine!

It is so cold, that, water starts building up in your chicks in the morning!

Unique cloud formation, and undescribable fresh air!

Great waterfall!

And river as blue as sky!

Sand as white as snow!

It is priceless!

China and Macau

This is much much bigger than you think it is..


Anyway, let me tell you a story about how a much one would do, to go a distance, to go that one great lenght, to get what they want!

Here's a story, on, what a KIWI! did, to fly!

This could possibly be the most meaningful animation I've ever since.

After watching this, I finally understood, if I want something, if I want to experience something, somethings had just got to be done, one way or another!

Even if it takes away one's live!

The think about life is, thing is never the way you want it to be.

The more you want it, the more it won't come to you!

For example,

The more you study, the harder the question gets in the exams!


Never the less, I've found my answer to it.

And one day, I'm sure you will.

God Bless to you, my friends!

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