Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm so sick, and I'm so tired,
One thing for sure, because, I began to dislike what going on around me.

People asking, like forcing,
People talking, not looking,
People riding, not considering,

Sometimes, sitting in the front seat, driving, is like some of the loniest moment for me.
I do not know what going on at the back, to make matters worst, I do not understand, what the hell was said.

Sometimes, I really feel discriminated being a chinese, who can not speak a word of chinese.

Well, I just don't like being the one, driving, not talking to, being to ******* retarded *** ****, **** of ****, driving your ******* ***** around, and you, whispering at the back. Speaking chinese as thought you think the entire world speak chinese. Laughing you heads of as thought if a person notice you laughing would think you were mad.

What happen to having you parent as a role model?
What happen to your parents, accompanying the driver driving?
I think that had never got that into your head am I RIGHT?
What the point of talking not doing?
That really knock sense, what you talk, I do not hear,
As whats the point of hearing, as you do not do, what you talk.

You know what, just forget about it, after thursday, I am no more what I used to me.

You go your way,
and I go my way.
You do your thing,
and I shall do my thing.
I really don't expect you to meet up with my expectation,
And, I really certainly do not wish to meet yours.
in the mist of the future,
if we were to found each other.
everything will be beautiful.
Quote "VIPB"

If you don't think you deserve this, you don't.
If you do, don't flatter yourself, and start to think.
If you do not wish to think, then, this is not for you.
I'm sorry if this is not for you, and I said this.

But really, if there was one thing, I could learn, it shall be chinese, and I will never ever have to be so low anymore.

Hwei Ming

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