Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to bury that little depression and sorrow you got!

Having Depression??
Feeling like you are not wanted?
No fear..
Following to enlightenment of free depressing moment in life!!
1) Go to 7-11 buy Ruffles (RM 9.20).. and bury those babies(potato) down that belly of yours!! How can you resist a pack of good chips?
2) Try and fine joy in life!!
Like this.. seeing a mother cat, breast feeding it's little kitten..
and, seeing then fighting..
3) Go play with you dog..

*confuse dog i have!*

4) Get whatever unfix in your life, fixed.. like me..
just got the back lights fix!
5) make fun with whatever you have!!
Mr smile!
Mr Sad..
Mr Macho man!!
Feeling happier Sait Yie?

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