Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turning into a grumpy old man..

The title says it all..

I really need to control my temper..

*Get a bucket of water and pour it over me*

What is wrong with me these days?

Sleeping is so much of a pain for me.

From the moment I close my eyes,

I'll see an endless empty space,

and I'll be walking, and walking and walking,

And the next thing I know, I'll suddenly wake up,

All sweaty, tired, and when I turn over, giving my clock a knock to glow,

It has only been an hour.

Shut my eyes, go back to sleep, same thing happen, an hour has pass by.

Maybe I'm sleep deprived, Maybe I'm just going mad.

But, I feel this thing in me, that I cant imagine how to describe in words.

I feel cold, emotionless, strong.

I feel like a stone.

Heavy, hard, singularity, still, not moving, heat absorbing uselss piece of stone!

Hahaha... I'm going mad this holiday..

*Nothing els*

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