Thursday, November 22, 2007

Malaysia Truly Asia!

Oh My Malaysia, What the heck has happen to you?

A democratic country that doesn't allow mass gathering..
A so called freedom nation that doesn't abey by freedom of speech..

ISA is just the corner for everyone..
Said too much, and you''ll have a cell with your name on the door to shut you up..

Malaysia, the only country with 2 law.. Federal Law and Syaria Law..
Article 11 isn't being follow, (article 11 is the constitution with is about freedom of religion)..

Bumis say non-bumis bully them...
Non-bumis say bumis bully them...
Who bully who, god knows la..

Bumis get 5% off everything..
But non-bumis get job..

In school, Malay english, all rojak mix up..
One time say english, then malay, then malay and english..
what next? Jawi ar?

May 13th happen..
No archive, no record..
Everyone Blame each other..
threaten to bring back May 13..

We need good people like me,
But people like me,
leaving this nation for good,
so,without people like me,
nation not good!

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