Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monopoly World Edition

Guys.. Girls.. Homos and Gays...

It is time, to do your country good!

It is time, to vote!

*not this poll!*

No, I'm not asking you to vote in the upcoming country's election,

Not asking you sent join Al Gore sent in his Global Warming Memorandum,


Asking you to vote for democracy in Myanmar.

This is even more bigger, ever more important, then voting at Malaysian Idol!

It is, voting for Kuala Lumpur as one of the city in Monopoly World Edition!

Can you believe it? Monopoly World Edition!
It would be so cool to get together with some of your oversea university mates, and play a game which has your country in it!

" Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and has an estimated population of 1.5 million.

Key sites in the city include the Petronas Towers, the second tallest towers in the world and the many vibrant, authentic Hawker markets.

Renowned as a truly Asian city, the population is made up of Malay, Chinese and Indian inhabitants, as well as many other nationalities.

Tourism is a key industry and visitors flock to Lake Gardens, which are home to a butterfly park, orchid garden and South East Asia’s largest bird park.

The park also has its own observation wheel, unveiled in 2007, called the Eye on Malaysia, similar to the London Eye.

It has 42 gondolas and rotates slowly, giving stunning views over the city and reaching 60 meters into the air."

Taken from the Monopoly website.

Alright, alright, so, Monopoly might be a little bias on, Kuala Lumpur. You Penang, Johor, Kuching, Selangor, etc..etc...etc... might feel a little left out, but, come on, think what this would do for the nation!

Get voting now!!
Get your friends to vote now!!!
Get blogging about it now!!!!
Get the entire nation to vote for it now!!!!!
Vote vote vote!!

If can, lets make this vote hotter then the upcoming election!!

Vote at:

Voting ends February 29, 2008.

You can vote once a day!

Vote everyday!

Current Kuala Lumpur Rank is 49/68

Monday, January 28, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim has a blog?

My dad was telling me about the 3rd Part of the Lingam video today at dinner.
He told me it was released by Anwar in his blog..

..........his blog???...........


It is today, I finally know why our government is trying to shut most of the blogger up, particularly, you know who...

I truly must be living in my own world, where I think, blogging is something like keeping a diary, but everyone reads it, and it is in the internet.

I think Anwar is one of the example of what people might say, political blogging, well, at least it is one of his method to get his message across.

Enough about politic, I'm underage anyway... I can't vote, and if I can, I would not be in Malaysia to vote anyway, unless I took the liberty of being an offshore voter, which, I might not too, because I'm just too lazy to do so, unless the government effectively use the internet to register me, which I highly doubt as internet is not secure for this transaction, even if they did get it really really secure, I might not vote too as, since I am offshore, I don't know what is happening i the country, and I might just vote wrongly, even if the government read this long comment of mine about not voting and sent me a full script of events in the country to make me to vote, I wouldn't as then, I would think, they might just sent me or the rest of the offshore voter a filtered information.

*not voting unless I think, my vote would change the nation*

I truly don't understand about Malaysia, it is really a beautiful country to live in, people are harmonious, cost of living is still relatively low and so on..

But, I feel, there are much more that needs to be improved.
Corruption of instead. We have our Anti Corruption Agency, but still, I feel this nation of ours, are more corrupted day by day than ever before.

Lawyers are big fat liar.

*Exhibit A*

Base on exhibit A, you, member's of the Jury decide...

How can one person says,"It looks like me, Sounds like me, but, its not me!"...and... winks at the camera after that.

It is like I saying,"Hey.. I'm not the guy in" when I have picture of me everywhere!

We need more people like Dr. Chua, straight forwardly and say,"I am the MAN in the video!" and look serious about it..

I truly don't mind Dr. Chua go sleeping around with whoever he wants. As long as the nation runs smoothly, and, honestly, I don't mind if he wanna sleep with more than 1 woman. As long as he still can do it, why not?

I highly doubt he needs Ubat Lelaki Kuat too. An honest man, would honestly still be standing!

Asked on how the country progress with bluffing lawyers and covering up government..

People out there, don't you feel bribe out of your vote?
Have you noticed your newly tared road?
Have you notice how much you been earning in stock market?
Have you notice your increase in EPF?
Have you notice more streets light and lantern for chinese new year?
Have you notice how nice the government is being right now?

Whatever it is, like my friend San Jay told me before,"As long as I have food to eat, place to stay, I'm happy with whoever is running the country."

Good Bless all of you!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Next GirlFriend Criteria?

I think..... after watching this video, curteousy of Ben, I've got to make dancing like the girl in the video below, a number 1 priority for my next GF.. :p

I know.. I know....

I have high demands... LIVE WITH IT!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

University Hospital

I went to A&E yesterday, because my grandma wasn't feeling very well.

stayed in the hospital for more then 7 hours... up till 2am in the morning today..
We don't know for sure what is going on.. But the doctor diagnose her in every possible way.. She has blood test, urine test, ECG, and even a CT scan for her brain.

The interpretation of these results takes time, and well, this is where i started to wonder around the hospital..

Well, like all visitor to a hospital, going to the canteen is definitely a must!!

When i went there, it was really disappointing to see cats all over the place.
How can the hospital allow this?

The canteen stuff did nothing at all!!

Cat were jumping on table, eating out of the garbage...

Hem.. so much for wanting to be a world class hospital!!

I stumble upon this..on the way to the toilet..

Using a phone, it writes"make sure it is an emergency!!"
Apparently, Malaysian tent to go to the hospital, for every minuet reason..
out of 1000 cases in the A&E, only 300 is an emergency case..

So, this is an example, of.. NOT AN EMERGENCY CASE!!!

Hwei Ming says"Doctor... Doctor.. I need to pee.. Emergency!!"
Dr. Chua says"Go to the toilet boy!!"
Hwei Ming says"oh...thank you doctor chua.."

Well, that wasn't the only thing i found amusing in the hospital..

I don't really know for sure, whether the speaker in the hospital was unclear, or the announcer was just too sleepy to ask up properly at 12 in the morning..
I swear, it sound like that... Masak nasi??
It went on for a long time, but there is one time, it also went like this...
".....sila ke dewan kocak nasi!"

Being at the hospital A&E, you can see alot of emergency...Duh..of course la..

In total, i was 2 dead body..
Dead body number 1

Dead body number 2..

I also was a man, covered in mud, laying flat on the bed, being rush into the hospital. Apparently, he fell off a building while constructing it. He died a couple of hours later..
*moment of silence please*..

I saw 2 accident cases, both had their limps broken..

1 karate accident case, where one of the kung fu fighter had this toe broken..

and, actually..many more..

anyway, here are some picture that might scare you off your sit..

The following picture are gruesome..

Industrial Accident picture.


Anyway, grandma is fine...
So, all your oversea peepz..
Just pray she'll get even better so one day, she might play football with us like she always said she could!!

Good Bless you grandma for being such a saint to us all..
And to everyone els, god bless you too..

University of Manchester

I've sent my UCAS in, and University of Manchester have replied me.
By the look at it, I'm like so going to Manchester by September!

Feeling sad, as I have 9 months to think about leaving my family behind in Malaysia and go ahead in life in the UK.

Not too sure who will I meet in UK,
Not too sure what I'll do in UK,
Not sure if I'll ever come back to Malaysia..


*feeling fucked up* a bad way..

Anyway, it looks like a fresh new start in the UK for me,
New Friends,
New University,
New culture..
and most probably,
A new breed of girlfriends.. X.x..

I'm dreaming too hard!! :p

Anyway, anyone been there before?
Any advise on where to stay?
Which of the University Accommodation is best?

I'm truly spoil for choice, I have so many choices of accommodation, i just cant make my mine now...

And, I don't understand why am I finding out now.. X.x..

Anyway..anyone that has submitted UCAS has a yougofurther account?
Mari add me la... I feel kind of alone in the network..


Anway, take care and god bless. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FaceBook Fever!

Watch this funny video dedicated for FaceBook!

My friends showed me this a long long time ago, and it has been posted here before.
It is still as funny as ever!

The last one is the funniest one!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


On the 18th Jan, is truly, undoubtedly, a historical day for me!

I've finally ended my probationary period of driving in my life!

Yes, I am still young!!

I'm so happy, now that I've got a Malaysian Driving License, I can remove the "P" from all the cars at home. No need for my sister to look like a noob driver anymore.

I can finally declare myself, as part of the family, since I'm the youngest and the last one driving with a P license.

To top that up, I no need to worry about my P license being taken away by traffic offences!

I can just go!


And, I owe all my safe driving, more or less la.. To my car..
My lovely gold 2.0Liter 2000 Honda Accord!
*Driving has never been safer with this baby*
*It never lacks the horse power with you need one!*

Anyway, safe driving to all your forks out there!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

When there is no reason to explain....

With all the modern technology, All the wicked looking machine nary..

mean looking hardware..

small but powerful DNA analysis equipment,

all the beakers and pipettes..


deep concerntration...

sleepless nights...

presentation sleepless nights..

molecular modeling...

Scientist only came to a conclusion that..

A man in Africa got bored and fucked a green monkey and thats why We got aids!!

Do you how much it takes for a man to fucked a green monkey?
Why didn't he just go fucked a silver back gorillas?


Thank you Abang Ash for this wonderful joke!

The Biggest Myth in Science

This article, might not be easy to understand, contradicting and definitely, eye opening!

One of the biggest myth in science today, has got to be:
Bernoulli's Principle, is why planes fly!
It is actually, NOT TRUE!!

It is called, the Bernoulli myth. It is one of the most persistent, pernicious error in school science books.

Why is Bernoulli myth widely being accepted?
Bernoulli was the only person that came up with his explanation during the age of wonder, where people was wondering, what really made plane flies!

What is the real thing?
According to Norman Smith, research aerodynamicist for NASA explains "Very simple: Newton. Airplanes fly because the wing makes the air go down, so the airplane goes up. Action-reaction. Newton's third law."

Friday, January 18, 2008

17-18 Jan 2007

17th Jan, PC set up at PWTC

I was very reluctant to come to set up the PC, or, shall I say, dress up the PC in the email i received.

Dressing up PC? Hem.. I thought, how on earth do I dress up PCs?

Do I give it a shirt and a skirt? If my PC was famine? Undergarment?

What will the PC look like anyway? Flat LCD screen? CRT monitor?

And, the ultimate thing, I could think of, dressing up my PCs was the spray paint it!
What do you think? Graffiti on a computer!!
Never tried it before, as my mum will kill me if I does it on my home PC.

Anyway, last after giving much thought about it, I changed, got my bag, took my iPod, jump into the car, and drove off to PWTC.
*was stuck in "Traffic Jam!!"*

Got to PWTC thank god, on time!

But unfortunately, nothing was ready.

I was thinking, oh my god, am I the only "Kiasu" blogger attending this event?

Went to the receptionist, and ask her, "Is Nuffnang here?"
And she said, "No..Sorry"


Is this for real?

I was given a number to call, and after being forward, called at, and calling again, I was finally told to wait at the receptionist.

So I waited.. finally, a girl came to me and say,"Hey.. are you Adrian?"
Heck no, and so, I continue waiting.. Anyway, the girl was Michelle, one of the participant.

Finally Adrian arrived, bring up to your designated area, and told us what to do.
*initial site for The Nut Cracker!!*
*Opposite is Nuffnang Booth*

*No man's land!!*

*No one!!*

I finally decided to grab the PC beside mine, and start brain storming on what needs to be done.

I didn't come prepare, but, I know The Mall was just around the corner.

So, I left the place, did some shopping, and well, stop by at Star Buck to get a cup of coffee.

And, Poof!!

I got this done!!

*and finally*

The star bucks was not part of the deco, until I felt like, heck, it looks like a study table, who does't study with one? :p

Anyway, I have a neighbor too! On my left!

This is the property of May Leng at

I believe that, this is one of the most happening PC I've ever since in my life!
*Fun Fair (left) & Study Desk (Right)*
*Michelle's PC*

Yea.. I was so eager to take the sea shells.. :)

Anyway, Michelle's blog is

To all Traffic Jam Participant,
I wouldn't mind exchanging link with you, you just need to notify me about it.

All the best, break a leg,
and, May the Best man wins.

Paint Ball 18th Jan

Kok Keong was trying to get people together for a game of Paint Ball,
Well, I have to admit, I'm a paint ball addict!!
*Kok keong (standing), A korean girl (blue shirt), a guy (yellow shirt) and a girl's back(black shirt)*

*Ruth's first time playing paint ball*

Boy, she really looks like Vader!
*Don't shot!!*

I love the vest that I'm wearing, it really makes the most out of my body!
*check out my six pack!*
*The Egypt pose*

Paint ball is definitely one of the kind game.
It really feels you with adrenaline, and, yes, when you get shot, you'll feel it!

I was shot in my head, both side if my legs, on my hands, and on the mask.
I almost said good bye to Father's day yesterday.

*Acting in a cop movie*

Anyway ruth, hows your neck?

The end!@!

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