Sunday, January 13, 2008

Arbre du Ténéré

Arbre du Tenere, or better known as Tree of Tenere, is one of the world most isolated tree on earth. It is the only tree, that are 400km away from another tree.Well, if you are planning to go find the Tenere Tree now, it isn't there anymore. Rumor has it that it was accidentally knock down by a drunk truck driver. Not surprisingly since the tree was a landmark to many travelers and traders to date.

Well, to commemorate such isolated tree (400km to the next tree), I've decided to change my desktop background!

*my new desktop wall paper*

Anyway, did you know too, that The Tenere Tree was also the only tree in the world that was drawn into a map used and accepted by many?

Think about it:
So much fame, yet, so lonely!
The Tree of Tenere, it is truly, one of the most loneliest tree but yet, famous!

I feel you pain!

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