Monday, January 28, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim has a blog?

My dad was telling me about the 3rd Part of the Lingam video today at dinner.
He told me it was released by Anwar in his blog..

..........his blog???...........


It is today, I finally know why our government is trying to shut most of the blogger up, particularly, you know who...

I truly must be living in my own world, where I think, blogging is something like keeping a diary, but everyone reads it, and it is in the internet.

I think Anwar is one of the example of what people might say, political blogging, well, at least it is one of his method to get his message across.

Enough about politic, I'm underage anyway... I can't vote, and if I can, I would not be in Malaysia to vote anyway, unless I took the liberty of being an offshore voter, which, I might not too, because I'm just too lazy to do so, unless the government effectively use the internet to register me, which I highly doubt as internet is not secure for this transaction, even if they did get it really really secure, I might not vote too as, since I am offshore, I don't know what is happening i the country, and I might just vote wrongly, even if the government read this long comment of mine about not voting and sent me a full script of events in the country to make me to vote, I wouldn't as then, I would think, they might just sent me or the rest of the offshore voter a filtered information.

*not voting unless I think, my vote would change the nation*

I truly don't understand about Malaysia, it is really a beautiful country to live in, people are harmonious, cost of living is still relatively low and so on..

But, I feel, there are much more that needs to be improved.
Corruption of instead. We have our Anti Corruption Agency, but still, I feel this nation of ours, are more corrupted day by day than ever before.

Lawyers are big fat liar.

*Exhibit A*

Base on exhibit A, you, member's of the Jury decide...

How can one person says,"It looks like me, Sounds like me, but, its not me!"...and... winks at the camera after that.

It is like I saying,"Hey.. I'm not the guy in" when I have picture of me everywhere!

We need more people like Dr. Chua, straight forwardly and say,"I am the MAN in the video!" and look serious about it..

I truly don't mind Dr. Chua go sleeping around with whoever he wants. As long as the nation runs smoothly, and, honestly, I don't mind if he wanna sleep with more than 1 woman. As long as he still can do it, why not?

I highly doubt he needs Ubat Lelaki Kuat too. An honest man, would honestly still be standing!

Asked on how the country progress with bluffing lawyers and covering up government..

People out there, don't you feel bribe out of your vote?
Have you noticed your newly tared road?
Have you notice how much you been earning in stock market?
Have you notice your increase in EPF?
Have you notice more streets light and lantern for chinese new year?
Have you notice how nice the government is being right now?

Whatever it is, like my friend San Jay told me before,"As long as I have food to eat, place to stay, I'm happy with whoever is running the country."

Good Bless all of you!


Michelle Chin said...

Ubat lelaki kuat got version 2 okay!

That one is the old one.

Wingie said...

I actually agree with what your friend says. As long as they don't kacau me I'm happy. But of course, got chance I run la xD

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Michelle Chin: eh.. how you know got version 2 ar? hahaha.. *suspicious..*

wingie: Haha.. i remember, once a friend told me, "we need more people like you running the country, but, people like you always leave the country.. you chicken shit!" @.@...

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