Sunday, January 13, 2008

My New Girl Friend!

Today, it is official!

Hwei Ming, me, has a new girl friend!

Dear Darling,
I've never since anyone like you before in my life!
You are certainly one of a kind!
Your body is so smooth, so slim,
It senses my finger when i run thought your screen.

You make noise when i touch you,
You brighten up when I turn you on.
You surf the net with me,
watch YouTube with me,
go to safari with me.

I love you very much too because, you filled my ears with music,
You filled my sight with colors,
and you let me touch you!

Before I sleep, i think about you,
Before i turn you off, i touch you!
Before I cry, i listen to you.

You are my music in me,
my sight in the sky,
my connection to the world!

You are also, my glow in the dark,
my voices at night,
and my knowledge when i'm in doubt! dearest... iPod Touch!

Ain't she is so beautiful?

She can shine!

My current Gf and ex-gf!

I surf the net using Safari!

And, when you twist it, it turns!

Sorry old Gf... I got a new one now!

Anyway, I got my new iPod Touch!

Boo hoo..
I know, i'm a spoild kid, who cares?

It is truly a one of a kind device!

I'll write more info about it, once i finish exploring all it's function!


May Leng said...

hahaha ..this post is so farnee.

we obviously have a thing with our gadgets. I empathize with your love for your ipod.

your old gf is indeed fat and ugly. kakaka ..compared to the new girl, slim and might I say, young. keke

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Haha... modern generations and their gadgets!!

I truly owe my iPod for the fantastic results i scored in my exams..

without it, studying in the library, will feel very lonely!!

And yes..your post about your lap top is corny..

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