Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oil Hits $100 per barrel!

On the 2nd January 2008, oil price shock the entire world, when it hit the $100 per barrel mark, where, just a decade ago, oil was only $10 per barrel.

What truly cause this was the weakening of the of $US dollar, and the thirst for gasoline throughout the world.

How can we curb with this?

Well, right now, there is nothing we can do.

1) There is basically none or not even heard of projects, which out government are doing, to help curb the hiking oil price. Rather, they prefer to subsidize it, and say"look...we did our part already!"

2) The only current hybrid car in the country, well, it not seen at all! I saw it in the advertisement, in the newspaper, but, on the road, NONE!

3) We are not educated on the current alternative vehicle! *Did you know there are cars, running on nothing but just compress air?*


Bottom line...

Country such as America and in the Europe, have seem major cultural changes due to the rising oil price.

This can be observe in the choices of vehicle the population prefer.

All the Mustang and V8 engine are not so popular as it was a decade ago. People are now going for a more fuel economy vehicle. Such as vehicle which are powered by Honda's (i-vTEC, iDSL, Hybrid) and Toyota Prius (First fully commercial green car)

We need to get our government or probably our local car manufacturer company to produce gasoline free vehicle!

Thank you!

Did you know:
Fuel extracted from corn burn much hotter compared to petroleum fuel?
This is because, it as a 125 Octane Level, burn more complete, hotter, and it is a renewable source.
Corn Fuel are popular among drag racers! So, screw the Shell V-power.. get corn fuel!

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