Thursday, January 24, 2008

University Hospital

I went to A&E yesterday, because my grandma wasn't feeling very well.

stayed in the hospital for more then 7 hours... up till 2am in the morning today..
We don't know for sure what is going on.. But the doctor diagnose her in every possible way.. She has blood test, urine test, ECG, and even a CT scan for her brain.

The interpretation of these results takes time, and well, this is where i started to wonder around the hospital..

Well, like all visitor to a hospital, going to the canteen is definitely a must!!

When i went there, it was really disappointing to see cats all over the place.
How can the hospital allow this?

The canteen stuff did nothing at all!!

Cat were jumping on table, eating out of the garbage...

Hem.. so much for wanting to be a world class hospital!!

I stumble upon this..on the way to the toilet..

Using a phone, it writes"make sure it is an emergency!!"
Apparently, Malaysian tent to go to the hospital, for every minuet reason..
out of 1000 cases in the A&E, only 300 is an emergency case..

So, this is an example, of.. NOT AN EMERGENCY CASE!!!

Hwei Ming says"Doctor... Doctor.. I need to pee.. Emergency!!"
Dr. Chua says"Go to the toilet boy!!"
Hwei Ming says"oh...thank you doctor chua.."

Well, that wasn't the only thing i found amusing in the hospital..

I don't really know for sure, whether the speaker in the hospital was unclear, or the announcer was just too sleepy to ask up properly at 12 in the morning..
I swear, it sound like that... Masak nasi??
It went on for a long time, but there is one time, it also went like this...
".....sila ke dewan kocak nasi!"

Being at the hospital A&E, you can see alot of emergency...Duh..of course la..

In total, i was 2 dead body..
Dead body number 1

Dead body number 2..

I also was a man, covered in mud, laying flat on the bed, being rush into the hospital. Apparently, he fell off a building while constructing it. He died a couple of hours later..
*moment of silence please*..

I saw 2 accident cases, both had their limps broken..

1 karate accident case, where one of the kung fu fighter had this toe broken..

and, actually..many more..

anyway, here are some picture that might scare you off your sit..

The following picture are gruesome..

Industrial Accident picture.


Anyway, grandma is fine...
So, all your oversea peepz..
Just pray she'll get even better so one day, she might play football with us like she always said she could!!

Good Bless you grandma for being such a saint to us all..
And to everyone els, god bless you too..


Michelle Chin said...

I feel green.


Choo Hwei Ming said...

oh ain't seen nothing yet..

try chewing on some pickle.. It'll help....

Wing said...

hey, interesting pictures you have. It doesn't really scare me coz I'm used to seeing blood and body parts since I'm a professional first aider. The pictures are very educational. Can remind people who deal with heavy machinery to be more careful. Feel sad for them also. As for dead bodies, that one very pity them also. I always see them but can't help them since the fly up already.

Choo Hwei Ming said...

haha..its funny the way you describe the way people die..

"fly up already.."

well, it is nice to meet you..anyway, what first aider are you helping in?

MRC? St. John?

Wingie said...

haha, i use the term fly up since I don't know where they'll end up haha.
i'm actually in st. john. in my 7th year of service now

May Leng said...

oh sunday is ruined with those photos ! *puke*

hope grandma is getting better.

Choo Hwei Ming said...

May Leng: ow.. I'm sorry... haha.. is the picture that bad???

anyway, thanks for the best wishes.. anything would do at this time.. :)

May Leng said...

i suppose it could have been worst ! :P

btw, do you mind if i link your blog in mine ? i remember you wanted low profile :P

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