Monday, January 21, 2008


On the 18th Jan, is truly, undoubtedly, a historical day for me!

I've finally ended my probationary period of driving in my life!

Yes, I am still young!!

I'm so happy, now that I've got a Malaysian Driving License, I can remove the "P" from all the cars at home. No need for my sister to look like a noob driver anymore.

I can finally declare myself, as part of the family, since I'm the youngest and the last one driving with a P license.

To top that up, I no need to worry about my P license being taken away by traffic offences!

I can just go!


And, I owe all my safe driving, more or less la.. To my car..
My lovely gold 2.0Liter 2000 Honda Accord!
*Driving has never been safer with this baby*
*It never lacks the horse power with you need one!*

Anyway, safe driving to all your forks out there!


Michelle Chin said...

OMG lar.....

Why everyone has driving licence?


Choo Hwei Ming said...


You don't have one?

I bet you don't need it either, you can always get a guy to drive you around.. :p

curryegg said...

congratulation for the license!
You can drive freely right now..

vangardx said...

hello, hati2 bro..i pernah dgr cerita yang ada seorang blogger kena saman dgn polis sebab pandu laju..mereka gunakan gambar sebagai bukti, tak tau la betul ke tidak.. :D

Choo Hwei Ming said...

haha.. but, how did they know i was the one driving?

how can i possibly be taking a picture and drive at the same time?? do know such things as photo shop right?

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