Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Street Food!

In KL, the suppose to be, city that never sleeps..

Must be praised for one good traits..

Good food doesnt always have to be in fancy restaurant!

Chow Kit Chilly Pan Mee

Kin Kin Restaurant
I must say, when eating the pan mee, you have got to eat it with their chilli..
You'll get an orgasm!!

I had one, dont you want one?
Anyway, there was a writing on a tile somewhere deep into the shop, it was describing the pan mee and how shop started copying the idea of chilli pan mee... that too was orgasmic!

Pudu Porridge!
*warning... weak stomach people, please dont go!*

If you like sushi, you'll like these.. Raw fish, into your hot porridge!

Well, it is not a licensed shop, so, it was pretty squeezy where i ate..

Bottom line is, best food in KL, most of the time, are at the street..

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