Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What a sad day today!

I think, today, is far off the worst of KLSE / Bursa Malaysia, since 2008 began!

Today, when I've log into the KLSE web site,, I was shock to see, an entire row of red!

It is truly no surprise actually.

According to the newspaper and market journal, Malaysia stock market have reach a height it has never reach before.

Company value are being push way about it supposed value.

And, this, creates instabilities..

Whats the reason why company values are rising to a point they should not be?

Well, election is coming.. and, government is pouring in money into the stock to make it look good.

To be honest, Malaysia's economy isn't doing well.
And, i still don't get it why does our government countless of time, tells the people to play shares, when, we are at the highest we have ever reached, and only a blue chips counters are going up.

I have always wondered what make a counter go up and down..

Anybody want to wonder with me?


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