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17-18 Jan 2007

17th Jan, PC set up at PWTC

I was very reluctant to come to set up the PC, or, shall I say, dress up the PC in the email i received.

Dressing up PC? Hem.. I thought, how on earth do I dress up PCs?

Do I give it a shirt and a skirt? If my PC was famine? Undergarment?

What will the PC look like anyway? Flat LCD screen? CRT monitor?

And, the ultimate thing, I could think of, dressing up my PCs was the spray paint it!
What do you think? Graffiti on a computer!!
Never tried it before, as my mum will kill me if I does it on my home PC.

Anyway, last after giving much thought about it, I changed, got my bag, took my iPod, jump into the car, and drove off to PWTC.
*was stuck in "Traffic Jam!!"*

Got to PWTC thank god, on time!

But unfortunately, nothing was ready.

I was thinking, oh my god, am I the only "Kiasu" blogger attending this event?

Went to the receptionist, and ask her, "Is Nuffnang here?"
And she said, "No..Sorry"


Is this for real?

I was given a number to call, and after being forward, called at, and calling again, I was finally told to wait at the receptionist.

So I waited.. finally, a girl came to me and say,"Hey.. are you Adrian?"
Heck no, and so, I continue waiting.. Anyway, the girl was Michelle, one of the participant.

Finally Adrian arrived, bring up to your designated area, and told us what to do.
*initial site for The Nut Cracker!!*
*Opposite is Nuffnang Booth*

*No man's land!!*

*No one!!*

I finally decided to grab the PC beside mine, and start brain storming on what needs to be done.

I didn't come prepare, but, I know The Mall was just around the corner.

So, I left the place, did some shopping, and well, stop by at Star Buck to get a cup of coffee.

And, Poof!!

I got this done!!

*and finally*

The star bucks was not part of the deco, until I felt like, heck, it looks like a study table, who does't study with one? :p

Anyway, I have a neighbor too! On my left!

This is the property of May Leng at

I believe that, this is one of the most happening PC I've ever since in my life!
*Fun Fair (left) & Study Desk (Right)*
*Michelle's PC*

Yea.. I was so eager to take the sea shells.. :)

Anyway, Michelle's blog is

To all Traffic Jam Participant,
I wouldn't mind exchanging link with you, you just need to notify me about it.

All the best, break a leg,
and, May the Best man wins.

Paint Ball 18th Jan

Kok Keong was trying to get people together for a game of Paint Ball,
Well, I have to admit, I'm a paint ball addict!!
*Kok keong (standing), A korean girl (blue shirt), a guy (yellow shirt) and a girl's back(black shirt)*

*Ruth's first time playing paint ball*

Boy, she really looks like Vader!
*Don't shot!!*

I love the vest that I'm wearing, it really makes the most out of my body!
*check out my six pack!*
*The Egypt pose*

Paint ball is definitely one of the kind game.
It really feels you with adrenaline, and, yes, when you get shot, you'll feel it!

I was shot in my head, both side if my legs, on my hands, and on the mask.
I almost said good bye to Father's day yesterday.

*Acting in a cop movie*

Anyway ruth, hows your neck?

The end!@!

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