Thursday, January 10, 2008

G4 2008 1st Gathering!

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who made it, thank you for making this gathering a success. Even thought there were only 9 of us, a big improvement compared to last time 8, I believe and I'll hang on to it, that next time, we'll have 10!

Also, I would like to thank Kong Sait Yie, for once again, letting most of us crash her house.

If you are bored with her house, no worries, the next time, I promise you, it will be at my house if no one els want to host it.

To all g4-ians that didnt not made it, I would like to see you guys sometimes before I fly off to UK in september, so please guys, lets have a get together.

A little update on what I am up to now, I'm currently waiting for an internship to pass my time, until September, then, I'm flying off to University of Manchester, UK, where they have offered me a place to do Biomedical Science.

Thats it about me.

Anyway, if you guys have not seen Prassan for long, here's a picture of him, looking healthy and wealthy! If you want a kiss from him, kindly press your chicks against your computer screen!

Pictures below are taken on 3rd January 2008. I do not have a full set of picture, I awaits Ruth ( to blog about it and steal it from her.

I especially like the best part about the gathering was, when Kong Sait Yie's mum, blast up the music and started teaching us how to dance.

I still remember my dance, so perhaps one day, I and Kian Chee will perform it for all to learn!

Just look at them, you'll know how much fun it was!

Sadly, I wish the girls would come and join the dance!

Hwei Ming and Kian Chee

Ruth and Jia Hai

Hwei Ming and Stacie

Hwei Ming and Jia Hai..

A little update on Jia Hai. Did you know, girls in India finds Jia Hai hot? :0

Kian Chee giving his best Yam Seng shout out!

Hwei Ming and Joyce Heng

Kae Yi and Hwei Ming *we are not gay*

Sher Mayne and Hwei Ming
*Sher Mayne is taken! =)*
*the above caption was to do Prassan a favour!*

A few of the G4 people!

Sait Yie and Hwei Ming
Another picture of Sait Yie and Hwei Ming..

Thanks Sait Yie for the Pot Luck party!
I hope you didnt have to eat our left overs for too long!

Anyway, I hope to see more G4 gathering around the corner!
Ampang Yong Tau Fu is a MUST!
I hope to see a gathering for Shie Ming, since she is so eager to get everyone together too!
Maybe, a paint ball competition since Ruth eagerly want to try it to!

The bottom line is, I hope to see you guys, find G4 2006, like a family other than your usual family!

Hope you've enjoy every moment that when pass, and moments to come!

Long live the G4 spirit and may god bless everyone!

Hwei Ming
G4 2006, not your usual family!

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