Monday, January 7, 2008

Destination : Klang!

I have heard of Chan Sau Lin Head Head! Chow Kit Spicy Pan Mee! PJ Sri Paandis Banana Leaf! Madam Kwan Nasi Lemak!

But, what I have HEARD too many time, was Klang Bah Ku Teh!

They even have Klang Bah Ku Teh, in cheras, and subang too!

I truly think, It is just an ORDINARY Bah Ku Teh!

So Klang people aka Wei Li!

Here is your chance to redeem yourself!

Bring me to the best in your opinion, Best est of the best bah ku teh in klang!
*It can not be anywhere els but in Klang*



Agenda on 9th January 2008

We will assemble in New Jusco Klang (biggest there is!)

Wei Li said, there is no cinema there, so, we will go Karaoke!

How that sounds?

Bring on your katak voice!, bring on your paper bag (to cover your face)
and sing your hearts out!

After probably karaoke-ing,
We'll probably catch a movie at OLD JJ!


the best part, indulge in Klang Bah Ku Teh, the best Bah Ku teh, or.. it is?

So, are you game people?

Come one, come all!

Anyone I know can come, but well, this gathering is for my uni mates, but, you are still welcome to join if you dun mind getting to know new peepz!

This gathering is also to say good bye, to one of my good friend, Yan Min the Mousel one!

So people, please come and have fun!

So far, Me, Yvonne, Min Yuen and Wei Li are confirm.

If you want to come, kindly, contact me at:
*Standard Telco Rates are charged plus 0 sen per sms and call!*

or, go find one of the girls if you cant talk to guys!
*shame on you*

Hope this works out!

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