Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Flour of Ball Celebration!

Ok, I really don't know what on earth is this called, I think, it is Tang Quek, Quik Yee, sugar ball, snowball, pearl, whatever.. But hey, I was religious enough to do it every year, 22nd December!

I was woke up brutally gently by my sister at dawn..

*Yawn*Could barely keep my eyes open, and started rolling the flour round..

Opps.. got a happy face..

and a sad face too.. :p

All these balls is then, boiled..

We even did for the red colour..

The red color was a bit more, tedious..

Because, it was tiny..

We got some malacan melted sugar ready..

Put some white in a bowl..

Add red into mixture 2:1 Ratio..

Pour the sugar..

And, wa lah!!

Prosperous betul!!

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