Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy 19th Birthday Sait Yie

I know it is a little too late (1 week) well, I just wanted to let you know, you are a great friend to have, you have sacrifice alot for me, and for your classmates of G4 2006

Sait Yie, being 19 means you are old, so, WELCOME to the old man and women of 19 years of age club!

You are finally legal!


* Presents when you get back la.. * Malas wanna ship to manipal, besides, i dun even know your address..

Sry for being 1 week late!


Dont you think, spending RM 568million to train someone, to fly up there, is a little to expensive?

Well, apparently, not the Malaysian Government. I'm not trying to critisize or anything, but, I thought we have some leaking roof at government building to fix, not to mention the, added bullet proof vest for our police... how about using that RM 568million to, lets say, pay up the countries debt????

Somehow, our country is richer then we think!! O.o...

Anyway, I did a simple calculation, just how much revenue can RM 568million be, by just a simple investment.

1) we put the money in the bank, interest rate, lets set it at 2% per year.
RM 568million x 0.02 = 11.36 million a year!
Thats like RM 946,666.6667 ringgit a month,
RM 31,555.55556 a day,
RM 1,314.814815 an hour,
RM 21.91358024 a minute,
RM 0.365226337 a second!

Well, so, if he breath a single breath, he is already spending more then 50CENTS! Not the singer, literary RM0.50!! O.o..

2) Lets say, the RM 568million was given out as loan.. set at 5% P.A...
RM 568million x 0.05 = 28.4 million a year..

Not to mention, there is no such thing as a 1 year loan in our country.. so, lets take the average or 5 years span..
28.4 x 5= 142 million in 5 years!!

Look at the bright side, in 4 years time, we can sent 2 man in space!!

ok.. I really cant think of much anymore... :)

Anyway, to the fellow who return from ISS, which I cant even remember his name since day one, welcome back...

If you ever read this, I got a couple of question for you...

1) Did you pray 80 times in 24 hours? that is like every 18 minutes?
2) How did you know you were praying the right direction?
3) Did you pray?
4) Did you teh tarik in space? or more like space teh you?
5) How was space?
6) How did the ISS crew comment about malaysian food?
7) How's the toilet? Clean or not?
8) Are you feeling guilty you spend RM 568million?
9) Are you going to sue me?
Let me answer that... NO!!

I'm just blogging because, i think, it was really cool you go to space, but, the bill was paid by my parents!


Too Much is just TOO much!!

Taken from the web site above...


Selaku Pengarah Perhubungan Awam dan Komunikasi Media
Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM), saya ingin menerangkan di sini
kewujudan kekeliruan di antara restoran INDIA dan restoran INDIA
MUSLIM (Mamak)
di Malaysia.

Seperti yang anda sedia maklum, lewat
ini, wujud begitu
banyak restoran- restoran INDIA yang menggunakan nama-nama
berunsur Islam dan
Melayu (Sri Pelita dan lain-lain) untuk mengaburi mata
pengguna Islam.

Memang tepat dakwaan yang mengatakan bahawa Restoran
Lotus dimiliki oleh
orang yang beragama Hindu walaupun makanan yang
disajikan saling tak tumpah
seperti makanan orang-orang INDIA MUSLIM.

Menurut pengamatan PPIM,
restoran-restoran yang dimiliki oleh orang
beragama Hindu akan dimulakan setiap
pagi dengan upacara memecahkan kelapa
dan premisnya akan direnjis-renjiskan
dengan air dan sejenis serbuk.

PPIM telah dimaklumkan oleh
pengguna-pengguna Islam bahawa air
tersebut merupakan air kencing lembu dan
serbuk itu pula merupakan najis
lembu yang telah dikeringkan. Kadangkala,
makanan yang telah siap
dihidangkan turut juga direnjiskan dengan air dan serbuk
ini. Mungkin untuk
membawa keberkatan.

Sebagai pengguna-pengguna Islam
yang peka, sudah
menjadi tanggungjawab kita bersama untuk membantu perniagaan
seagama kita. Bukanlah niat PPIM untuk mewujudkan perasaan benci
masyarakat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum dan agama, namun saya berpendapat
bahawa motto "Muslim business comes first" haruslah menjadi amalan kita.


What's next? Cant even go to a to a farm toilet cause you scared cows pee in it??

Last Biomedical Science Tutorial

Gosh, it all seems to end already.. So fast one...
Not ready for exam at all..Anyway, here is my lecturer, that I'm proud to introduce. Dr. Nayak, he is one man, that, I would say, change the perspective of my life.
Things aren't really what it seems..
And also, because of him, my love for physiology, is, undoubtly, there..
Expect for the rememberizing part.. :pMy statistic classmate on the last class..
Gaby and Suke was there too..
Gian was having tummy ache.. poor guy..
Seok, well, truly sorry.. *Head down*

Anyway, to Dr. Nayak.. we have been studying real hard.. and no doubt, it is for ourselve to be happy, and for you to know that, your legacy will live on..

*snore......* ZzZZzzz

Last Statistic Laboratory!! Wee!!!

Ok.. I remember the day, when we ( Me, Yan Min, and Yin Ying) was in the computer lab 1, trying to finish our assignment, Yin Ying tried googling about the topic that we are trying to solve, and, an amazing quote was what she found...
If it was the last day of my life, I would certainly go to my statistic class,
as it would have made it the a longer day for me to live in!

Anyway, my statistic crew..

The lady sitting down, Miss Brainy Yan Min, Lady at the back, Miss Perfectionist Yvonne, Mr Boss Kok Loong.. and, Mr Laziest of all me, Hwei Ming.

Me and Mr. Poova.. You're a great lecturer sir, just a little confusing at time, well, most probably it is the time where i'm half or fully asleep in your class.. X.x..

Well, you were a great lecturer, and thats the bottom line..

Do i earn any bonus??


Will be missing Computer Lab 1..

and most of all, working with the best team ever..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Lootie Hoodie of Red, Brown, Light, Purple Blue Stripe Red Riding Hood!~!

To start up, I just want to say.. Yin Ying.... Taking picture of an ant, will get you to no where!!Poor Yin Ying, her kawan semut got bunuh by giant!!
Anyway... It was during the NewCastle talk, that me, started to cam whore...
I never really taken picture in this sweater with hood, zip up till my neck...
Or, have the hood over my head, and look like ninja turtle, or samurai, of ninja, whatever you call it...
One thing i hate about putting anything on my head, is what they do to your hair after that.
Well, it was also the first time, all the hootie in the class unite!
Anyway, me and Yvonne, doing the Hip Hop post!!
Rocking post!!
Val me and, doing the Taichi Post..
Now, it is the photo frame post...

Me and Yan Min, doing the "Oh my gawd...mouse!!" post...
The "Ta Kao" post with Siew Hwei, girl genius..
er.. " Zap Zap " post??
The guys in Biomed was busy choosing their home for newcastle.. Gonna really miss you guy!!
"Cool" post with Chin Tian... She really look like 25 years old now!!

Er... no comment.... but, they are all red...
and, add another red riding hood...
Yuen Mun was a little annoyed..but, sorry la... You always at the wrong place at the right time for me to snap some picture..
Me and Yin Ying... Don't know call what post la.. but, quite fasinating.. never knew she looks great doing that post.. :p X.x o.O
Ok, this is like the only time, only shoot, they'll ever get to see me short...
enjoy while it last girls...

Random Stick Man Post

Yvonne was saying.. Why does all Korean Guy have to smoke.. it is such a turn off....
Well, Yvonne, I really dont think you'll be affected.. :)
Here's my reason why...

I sometime wishes people will stop smoking too..

Say "tak nak"to smoking..

It is bad for your health, it makes you teeth yellow, and, it will give you a stinky breath like onion rings..


Tony Ming!!!

Bet ya you never expect me on a skateboard yea??

Thinking Pro-Skater now??

Well, if you think the board looks funny, it is actually a snake board..

oh wait... there is Bob Wan Wan.....


Monday, October 22, 2007


I'm not the richest guy there is...


Polluted Muddy Malaysian Park

I was doing my jogging one day, went i stumble across this!!Fuh... Dirty little bastards!!

Teh Tarik anyone?
I bet ya, it is real stinky dirty in there..

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