Sunday, October 28, 2007


Dont you think, spending RM 568million to train someone, to fly up there, is a little to expensive?

Well, apparently, not the Malaysian Government. I'm not trying to critisize or anything, but, I thought we have some leaking roof at government building to fix, not to mention the, added bullet proof vest for our police... how about using that RM 568million to, lets say, pay up the countries debt????

Somehow, our country is richer then we think!! O.o...

Anyway, I did a simple calculation, just how much revenue can RM 568million be, by just a simple investment.

1) we put the money in the bank, interest rate, lets set it at 2% per year.
RM 568million x 0.02 = 11.36 million a year!
Thats like RM 946,666.6667 ringgit a month,
RM 31,555.55556 a day,
RM 1,314.814815 an hour,
RM 21.91358024 a minute,
RM 0.365226337 a second!

Well, so, if he breath a single breath, he is already spending more then 50CENTS! Not the singer, literary RM0.50!! O.o..

2) Lets say, the RM 568million was given out as loan.. set at 5% P.A...
RM 568million x 0.05 = 28.4 million a year..

Not to mention, there is no such thing as a 1 year loan in our country.. so, lets take the average or 5 years span..
28.4 x 5= 142 million in 5 years!!

Look at the bright side, in 4 years time, we can sent 2 man in space!!

ok.. I really cant think of much anymore... :)

Anyway, to the fellow who return from ISS, which I cant even remember his name since day one, welcome back...

If you ever read this, I got a couple of question for you...

1) Did you pray 80 times in 24 hours? that is like every 18 minutes?
2) How did you know you were praying the right direction?
3) Did you pray?
4) Did you teh tarik in space? or more like space teh you?
5) How was space?
6) How did the ISS crew comment about malaysian food?
7) How's the toilet? Clean or not?
8) Are you feeling guilty you spend RM 568million?
9) Are you going to sue me?
Let me answer that... NO!!

I'm just blogging because, i think, it was really cool you go to space, but, the bill was paid by my parents!


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