Monday, October 1, 2007

FreshLook InterCampus Search 2007

What was a peaceful usual Monday yesterday, really turn out to be the most horrifying thing, I've ever done! There was this FreshLook InterCampus Search 2007, they were giving out free lenses, just for particpant to participate, to find, the face of the new, 20th century!!

Well, so heck.. never too bad to give it a try...

so.. we did eye check...

Yin Ying did them too.... lol...

Yin Ying's eye... lol... so big hor...

Modern technology doesn't isnt reliable, we still had to have our eye's check, the old style... in modern technology mode..

Ever wonder a combo of harry potter and val?? of the sad things was.. To get a free lenses, we had to go for the photo shoot... DANG!!

So, we have to make up for it...

Below: I new girl I met, and... I think her name was Vee Lyn...

Forgive me for not rememberizing names... I just have real bad memory..
(above) Anyway, this was the picture we take, with out lenses on.. Me, Yan Min, and Yin Ying.
Val went for make up earlier..and had her picture taken first..
As for me... Was going to do make up..This was before..
And this was before... And i swear, I look like a singer from My Chemical Romance!

I look like i got punching in the face!! ALOT!!!
Guys and Make up.. just dun mix... it goes worst, if you are going to loo like me..

Yin Ying posing for the camera!! *say cheese*
Val and Yin Ying...
Picture(above) me, val, Vee Lyn, and Yin Ying

After knowing their potential for modeling.. they model the Biomedical Anatomoy and Physiology book by martini...
and also model how confuse they get, when reading it..

I would say... They will make good model!!

Anyway, when i got home, I got a hard time taking out the lenses..
and now, I don;t even want to win the contest!
Well, where is always a way to mock a contact lenses that doesnt want to come out of your eyes!!
This is a contact lens!
It still looks like a contact lens!
This is a smilling face!!
This is a very happy smilling face!!
This is how i looked when i couldn't get the lenses off my eye..
This was how pain it felt..

But, everything heals back to normal when i saw these!!!
Damn you contact lenses..
So small, yet so deadly!!

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Robert said...

So funny.... I'am too using soft contact lenses & got them from Just Lenses, they are so comfortable.

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