Sunday, October 28, 2007

Last Statistic Laboratory!! Wee!!!

Ok.. I remember the day, when we ( Me, Yan Min, and Yin Ying) was in the computer lab 1, trying to finish our assignment, Yin Ying tried googling about the topic that we are trying to solve, and, an amazing quote was what she found...
If it was the last day of my life, I would certainly go to my statistic class,
as it would have made it the a longer day for me to live in!

Anyway, my statistic crew..

The lady sitting down, Miss Brainy Yan Min, Lady at the back, Miss Perfectionist Yvonne, Mr Boss Kok Loong.. and, Mr Laziest of all me, Hwei Ming.

Me and Mr. Poova.. You're a great lecturer sir, just a little confusing at time, well, most probably it is the time where i'm half or fully asleep in your class.. X.x..

Well, you were a great lecturer, and thats the bottom line..

Do i earn any bonus??


Will be missing Computer Lab 1..

and most of all, working with the best team ever..

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