Sunday, October 28, 2007

Last Biomedical Science Tutorial

Gosh, it all seems to end already.. So fast one...
Not ready for exam at all..Anyway, here is my lecturer, that I'm proud to introduce. Dr. Nayak, he is one man, that, I would say, change the perspective of my life.
Things aren't really what it seems..
And also, because of him, my love for physiology, is, undoubtly, there..
Expect for the rememberizing part.. :pMy statistic classmate on the last class..
Gaby and Suke was there too..
Gian was having tummy ache.. poor guy..
Seok, well, truly sorry.. *Head down*

Anyway, to Dr. Nayak.. we have been studying real hard.. and no doubt, it is for ourselve to be happy, and for you to know that, your legacy will live on..

*snore......* ZzZZzzz

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