Monday, October 8, 2007

PetrolScience Malaysia

Went to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center on Saturday the 6th October 2007 for the UK education fair..
Before I know it, the fair was long over for me and Yin Ying..
Hungry, but not that hungry, we decided to explore KLCC(Kuala Lumpur Chicken Chop)

Miss Ooi Yin Ying posing for the camera!
"Qua Shi Mik, Nan Jiou?"
Don't kill me!!!!
Anyway, Yin Ying was ill, and she wanted something nice and warm to eat..
She wanted Bee Hon Soup!!

The Very hightech Directory, which points to no where!

Whack..Whack the screen... why no shop sell Bee Hon Soup one??
Anyway, failure to locate any shop which sells Bee Hon Soup, we both decided to go to petrol science... Hoping to gain a few knowledge on Physic before this Wednesday Physic killer exam test!!
Got the tickets, and before you know it, we are off into petrolscience..

KLIA: Dalam Hutan, ada lapangan terbang, dalam lapangan terbang, ada HUTAN!!

KLCC: Dalam Malaysia, ada Hutan, dalam Hutan, ada pengcarak langit, dalam pengcarak langit, ada HUTAN!!

I always wonder, where did all these idea of having forest in a building come from??

Can you hear the crikets cricking?? More like the air-conditioning system blasting out the Malaysian HEAT!!

In building also got Oil Plateform!!

Anyway, whatever above, was just a ride, in some helmat looking roller coaster, which was speeding like 5Km per hour!!!
Hwei Ming's hand, playing with plasma!
Arriving at where the fun really began..Yea..the fun really began!!

Yin Ying's hand, from X-File!!
Fungus looking creation by Hwei Ming's and Yin Ying's hands!
Created by Hwei Ming and Yin Ying, in an attempt to make the longest pipe line travel!
Tested by, Yin Ying...
A tiny ball was let go, into the pipe line..and, as you know, gravity will pull it it will do down!!

Physic Goddess, Yin Ying and the creator of Physic, Mr. E=mc^2
Playing Wayang Kulit.. with a sesat Z-560 in the middle!!

Optical Illussion..
See the Helmet??

But you can't touch it!!! *Bleuk*

Hem... Forest in a building was OK...But... T-Rex??
No.... Don't eat me!!! Eat the lady taking the photo!!

Saber Tooth!!
Some rock that look like a peice of coc!!
I almost ate it, until I notice the look someone gave to me!!

Gian's House, in Java, before earth quake!!
Gian's house, after earth quake!! Joking ler...
Yin Ying, playing video game!
OuterSpace sleeping bag... Could fit in, but wanted to make a pic in it...

So, Yin Ying decide to take picture, while I was getting in.. At least, acting it out!!
"ZZzzzZZzzz"Yin Ying snoared!!
I love these pictures the best!!
Yin Ying truly look very cool!!
Like the actor from the movie, Species!!

Hem.. I can see Yin Ying, is a little hot in this picture...

But, Nothing can compared to Hwei Ming, future Hollow Man!!
Left: Hwei Ming's hand, Right: Yin Ying hand!

Like hantu coming out of the ground!!
This picture, is just for Seok Kheng!!
You can keep it.. This picture is dedicated to you!!
Yin Ying, the magician!! looks more like, she is throwing the ball away.. But, yea.. it was actually levitating!
We then, hope on into our almost private Helicopter!!

*First time sitting helicopter!!*
And it almost crash!!

From the flight, we then arrived at the Oil Platform!

*That is not me in the suite!!*
Yin Ying just had a big crash on guys, with heavy protective suit!!

Yin Ying trying to get a job as petronas oil plant, but, didnt really reach the expected height!!

And, I got the job, even before i was born!! Don't Kill me Yin Ying..kekeke.. Joking only lar..
Importants of Chemistry!
Staircase to NoWhere!!
Told you so!!
This, was one of the funnest part..
Two 19 year old, male and female, was spotted, slidding in the tube...
Thank god the tube was still standing!!
To be honest, I thought Yin Ying was stuck in it, and i had to jump in to push her out!!
Going Back time!!

*I swear i was our faces somewhere!!*

The world famous, but outdated, F1 car!!
Conclusion, I had a really really really really really really really really really fun time!!
My first experience to PetrolScience.. an experience, I do not want to forget in my life!
Thanks Malaysia for having one good thing, Thanks UK education fair for dragging me and Yin Ying to KLCC, thanks Yin Ying for accompanying me!!
Good day everyone!!

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