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My 26-28 April 2006

Thursday, 26 April 2006
It was Yan Min actually B'day.. so, after some of us done our chem quiz, we all decided to head down to sercet recipe to celebrate our deared friend, Yan Min, B'day! Look how happy she is!!

Yan Min, so bleesed with sugary birthday packets!!
Another B'day girl, Yvonne, my little kawan baik.. yang sangat little!! But, save the comment for furthur down posts.. This part is for Yan Min!!
So, yea, Val, Yin Ying, Yan Min, Yvonne, Morni and Me were there to celebrate this little party for Yan Min!! I know it isnt a very big giganto party, but yea.. it is the people and the noises they make that count!!!

I was to hungry that day, I actually look like this when my food was taken away from me!!
(Left) My food... (Right) Morni's food..

The Cake@@!
The cake's on fire@@!@@
I really hope all your wishes come through Yan Min..
Well, Candid.. This is Val's Cappocino... with damn lot of form.. and...
This is how Val looks with misai!! :P

See.. i told you Yan Min looks like a happy person..Cause she is!! :-)

Getting Hypnotis by food...

Strungling with food!!

I must say, It was and definately was a yummy ending for Yan Min B'day!

Once again Yan Min, Happy B'day.. hope all your hope and dreams will come through! Truly bless to get to know a person as nice as you!!

My 27 April Friday!
Yvonne B'day! Yvo Yvo..

Notice how we manage to cramp up 10 candles on a single secret recipe brownies.

This is Yvo Yvo.. My little Kawan baik.. wakakakak.. Little...!! :-)
I never knew my fingers would look so freaky!!

Yvonne,, praying hard for her wish too come through.. God knows what she wishes for..
An entire life time of growth hormone?? (Joking!! :-P)

So sorry Yvonne about your face.. hope you dun get pimples on your face yea..hahah...
Well, Yvonne, i really hope you will get through life easily..
Dun take all my teases to heart k..
You know Ming Ming just joking...
WEll, after class, as usually, we all went for badminton!!

We, waving our lightsaber..ahem..racket...
I had fun on badminton..
well, sorry val, i hope you didnt get any bruises..kekeke...sorry Min Yuan.. didnt mean to hurt your Lou poh!!

My 28 April, Saturday..
I went to the library today... went there do get my english presentation done, and my RasMol too..
Well, was joined by Val in library.. Yvonne and Seok Kheng was in the Seok's House...

played around a little..and sooner, decided to have lunch with Yvonne and Seok Kheng at Careforre, Don Sushi! Yummy...

I arrive at Seok's house soon after, and got a tour into her domain!!
Seok Seok house was really cool!! No joke.. she has rooms within a room.. how cool is it??
Dun know what on earth seok seok was doing, but manage to grab this picture.. kekeke...damn funny.. looks like seok seok got flaten by her own bed..
thank goodness she was still moving...
well, knowing seok seok is an E-guitariest.. Not Playing her Guitar is like not putting banana in banana split!
So, yea, i had my own moves!!

So did Yvonne..

And Val... :P

Wanna congratulate Yvonne, for, yea..the first time she eating sushi with us.. hahaa.. :P

Sedap le......................

hem... where did this come from?? :-P

Wanna thank Val for the picture... Thank you!! :)
Happy Birthday to all the Birthdays peepz of the month!
and God Bless to you! Me! and everyone els!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Some nice poem!

Well, I must say, I need to get rid of some of the old stuff as I am going to move.
New House=New memories=New Begining= No more thinking about the old stuff.
One of the new thing, that needs to be cleared up, is my Handphone!
This, i've kept in my phone for far too long!!
So, I'm going to share, this really meaningful poem, gave by Jue Nee, you not need to know who she is.
Well, it was a message for me, on her 17th birthday, the day before.
Here's a guy I know so well,
hear his name and my heart will swell,
in and out I know him already,
and I know that he is always ready.
Big, Tough, Strong and bold,
I always feel safe within his hold,
In his arms it is constantly warm,
for I know I'll be safe from harm.
Nice and Charming he may be,
but don't make him angry then you'll see,
he might be impatient and a little wild,
but to me he's just a sweet child.
My friend, my lover and my faithful helper,
you're always there for me with a nail and hammer,
mending all my flaws and mistakes,
guiding me through no matter what it takes.
Without you life would be without laughter,
for you amuse me with endless humour,
buy me a teddy you shall not,
for you're the cuttest teddy i got.
Birthdays come and in annually,
but i hope you'll always stay with me,
I need you honey as i am your bee,
so will you promise you''ll be with me?
I love you Ming.

Do not steal this poem, it hold a great deal to me, and i bet the writter too..

Creative Commons License

work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Malaysia License.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is the meaning of Feeling..

For this 100th post in my blog,
I'll shall elaborate the meaning of the word, ''feeling'''

From Hwei Ming's point of view,

"Feeling is a feeling you feel like feeling the feeling you felt before!"(Hwei Ming,Since young)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pass year papers

Q1: There are 20 different a.a which form the basic building blocks of all proteins. Discuss ways in which the unique properties of those a.a can be utilised in the molecular anlysis of protein. (30 marks)

Q2: Researches recently discover a protein, WISE1, the precense of which in blood is capable of predicting the quality of lecturing provided by university academics. It has a molecular weight of 30k daltons and p.I of 6.2. Outline the steps you would take to isolate this proteins from blood and develop a specific test that could be made available to students to help select uni lecturers in the future.

Thanks Val..

Booby Ming

Can you imagine me with boobs??
now you can!!! Can you imagine me with boobz and having two sexy guys touching it??
Now you can!!

'Hwei Ming sudah decabuli.. :P

no more virgin!!

Hwei Ming

More Picture from the trip in Project week!

Well, thanks Wei Li for some of these fantastic picture.. Wei Li is the girl in the center, Esther is the indian girl on the right.. on the left, i dun know what is his name.. :( Mr Rashdan and Dr. Nayak talking in the nasi kandar shop..
Me,Val and Yin Ying... Me, Val, Yin Ying and Hari Ini (Chin Tian)Well, we played bubbles..

Thats all for now.. no time to add nice nice story.. got work to do.. till next time..
Hwei Ming
~Gog Bless

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