Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Project Week for Biomedical Science, 16April2007

The day before the trip to Blood Bank and Malaysia Vaccine Center, on the day..... We all gathered at the Carpark(Basket Ball area) awaiting our bus to arrive.
Well, we took some pictures in the morning, when everyone was looking fresh..Suprisingly, the most unexpected sight occur.. Seok Seok wearing a skirt..kekeke... a very rare occasion...My Kawan that always pukul me, Morni, the TUG of biomed/tech.Chin Tian.....Pu Hui Chia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wei Li and Esther...kekeke.. Picture quality not that good, cause it was a random pic..Well, yea, after much presuation, I wore me pink shirt.. for the 2nd time, in this year..
and, Val and Yvonne also wearing pink!! But i guess their baju luntur de..the pink can not see..

And This is Kavi, my kawan in pink too.. PINK UNITED!!

Sadly, only manage to take up a few picture in the morning...

Seok Seok and Yvonne sleeping in the bus, when the journey just only begun..:P

Because Siew Hwei was sitting alone, Val was playing her PSP, and Morni was in nee'd they switch places.Tsung Min aka Josh and Kok Loong was sitting infront of me.. I was sitting beside Val, Morni and Siew Hwei were behind me.. and yea, Maurice was way back there..

After the terrible Jam we got ourselve stuck in, we arrive at the Blood Bank..

We attended a short lecture prepared by Mr.Paul..talking mainly about, RESPONSIBILITY..and Making money.. I never knew the blood bank was so keen on Making Money... Make me feel like I donated my blood for no good reason.. And, yea, we only have, RM600 worth of blood in our body, How cheap we are...Well, In the blood bank, we stubble in a centrifuge..the mother of all centrifuge..kekeke... I think, Yvonne can fit in with no problem at all..And they have many of it!!Well, we continue our journey into the blood bank.. and also into the fridge..kekeke.... And, we get to mess around in it to..:PGroup Pic 1 (blood bank)Group Pic 2(Blood bank)

After the blood bank, we proceeded to Bangi, we had our lunch at 1 joking.. Bangi Utama was the place to call.. :( We ate nasi kandar...
and after the nasi kandar, we took picturesss.. It wasnt windy on that day, but, the effect of the hair blowing thinging was due to this giganto fan! We when to UKM...somewhere in it..and we got another lecture.. BORING@@!!
See, almost everyone was asleep..
And me, Val and Morni, was just fooling around..






There was suppose to be a taliban picture of Val, but it was taken down upon request..

sry more laughters...

I could say, LET DO IT AGAIN!!!

God Bless

~Hwei Ming

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